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Along with a few other listings like brushables, a regular playset and POP playset, the first few Equestria Girls: Friendship Games have been listed as well, and it's quite a list! So much in fact that I've split the listings up into a few categories: Archery, Motorcross, Specials and Regular Dolls. There are a lot of new characters included (like Flash Sentry!) and the Archery and Motorcorss themes make me very excited to see final images of all the dolls!

Archery Dolls

The pictures of bows on previously spotted merch was no snapshot of the movie, it seems that archery will play a pretty big role in Friendship Games judging by the amount of early releases with this theme!

We've already seen Twilight as an archer on this Friendship Games merch. So we might have an idea what the final doll looks like. No idea what the 'Cp' stands for, though.

Equestria Girls Archery Applejack Doll

Fluttershy has been seen in the Friendship Games merch too.

Absolutely no idea what this pack contains. Perhaps something with shooting targets and bows, but I'd like to see actual images to see if this is a nice addition to the dolls or not.

Motorcross Dolls

Archery AND motorcross? This movie is getting very action-packed!

Something with Zap Apples perhaps?

Sunset. Shimmer. On. A. Motorcycle!!! (Can you see that I'm excited?)

I love sugar coated almonds! I mean... yeah, Sugar Coat. No idea what this character will look like!

In my eyes Rainbow Dash really fits with the motorcross theme, more even than soccer!

Special Dolls and Sets

No a lot of information on this one besides the sizes: 4.5 x 27 x 15.5 inches. So this will be a pretty big castle, and the first actual Equestria Girls Playset too!

I can't believe that we're actually getting to see male Equestria Girls dolls! Of course he and Twilight have had a connection in earlier movies, but now that they're actually getting released together I wonder what will happen in 3rd movie!

Regular Dolls

Besides 3 new releases of mane 6 ponies we also have 3 new characters. Weirdly Enough Sour Sweet is the only listing to have an actual description. Could she be the mysterious "S"-character that we've seen on other merch?

Cool name for a new character, can't wait to see what she looks like and whether she has some sort of connection with Sunset Shimmer.

Lemon Zest seem to not have been used by Hasbro before, so no idea how she'll look (I suppose yellow-ish!).

I don't think there ever has been a pony named Sour Sweet either, so she seems to be new. This is her full description on Amazon:
Your Sour Sweet doll is bound and determined to win the Friendship Games, and she's going to do it with style, sass, and excellent form! Her outfit is as wild as she is and she comes with all kinds of accessories to make her the friendliest competitor around. Team up with your Sour Sweet doll for the best friendship adventures ever! My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
And here are the listings of the mane 6 dolls, sadly without any usable information:

Equestria Girls Applejack Doll


  1. CP in archery means Compound Bows usually. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compound_bow

  2. Maybe that new mystery character is sour sweet.

    1. I think so too, also I am pretty sure all those unknown characters are archery dolls too because I am pretty sure the teams are equal and Applejack was shown as archer on the toy vectors too but there is no listing for a doll of her yet.

  3. One of the new characters should have the creepy prototype Adagio eyes. Anyone agree with me or no? I wanna see more creepy dolls! Adagio won for Creepiest Doll of the Year 2014 (I gave her that award).

    1. your creepy. go watch luna game.

  4. Twilght and flash

  5. that character we saw showed pinkie pie as a roller derby girl i think so i hope they have a doll of that because pinkie pie is my fav of the mane 6

  6. It says by Nerf Rebelle. So will we see MLP bows and arrows from Nerf Rebelle?

    1. It could be a simple mistake on Amazon, but I wouldn't be surprised if Friendship Games is an attempt from Hasbro to comine the My Little Pony and Nerf Rebelle brands (as they did with Play-Doh, Monopoly, etc.).

  7. OMG OMG Flash x Twilight Dolls AWW MAH GAWD CANT WAIT

  8. Rarity and pinkie pie?

  9. Seems like all the listings got deleted.

  10. Seeing as the description for the Sour Sweet doll says this: "Sour Sweet and Crystal Prep's Twilight Sparkle dolls take aim in the archery competition, Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat dolls rev up their style to ride bikes in the motocross event and Lemon Zest and the Sunny Flare dolls glide stylishly toward the finish line on their roller skates!" I think it is safe to assume that CP stands for Crystal Prep, and that it is these girls's school.

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