Hasbro Announces Guardians of Harmony
Set all your thoughts about Hasbro and My Little Pony aside and get ready for the biggest My Little Pony announcement yet!
Hasbro has just unveiled information about a brand new line of My Little Pony action figures with more detail than ever: Guardians of Harmony. The figures are show-accurate, articulated and designed after action stances from the Friendship is Magic TV-series. Guardians of Harmony figures will be released in stores this fall. It has also been confirmed that IDW is going to create a new MLP Comic Series this fall based around these toys.
The announcement is a sneak peak of what we'll get to see at the NY Toy Fair later this week, but at this moment already 7 figures have been announced. Most of them even have articulation! Here's what Hasbro has shared so far:
MLP Merch Exclusive: High quality images of all announced figures!

Guardians of Harmony Spike & Shining Armor ($39.99 + $9.99)

Spike & Shining Armor
Spike is a huge 13-inch figure with armor, fireballs and a saddle on which one of the other figures can be placed. Shining Armor is not combined with Spike, but fits perfectly on the back with his battle pose and armor!

Guardians of Harmony Princess Celestia & Princess Luna ($19.99)

Princess Celestia & Princess Luna
Without a doubt the most epic designs Hasbro ever made for Princess Celestia and Luna! Judging at the price these won't be very large, but the design suits nevertheless. At this moment it doesn't look like neither of them features any articulation.

Guardians of Harmony Queen Chrysalis & Spike ($14.99)

Queen Chrysalis & Spike
Only Queen Chrysalis has been shared yet, but it will be combined with a smaller Spike figure. Queen Chrysalis has articulation, comes with translucent wings and 'magic attack'-spinner on her hoof.

Guardians of Harmony Shadowbolt & Cockatrice ($9.99)

Shadowbolt & Cockatrice
Features a Shadowbolt pony with articulation and a Cockatrice. The neck of the Shadowbolt looks a bit odd, but let's see what it looks like at the Toy Fair!

Guardians of Harmony Twilight Sparkle & Changeling ($14.99)

Guardians of Harmony Twilight Sparkle & Changeling
Twilight Sparkle has a big grin on her face and with her golden armor she's able to grab or tackle the included Changeling figure. I bet the demand for that Changeling will be huge!

Guardians of Harmony Pinkie Pie & Party Cannon ($9.99)

Pinkie Pie & Party Cannon
Finally: Hasbro has released a full-size Party Cannon and Boneless for Pinkie Pie! She comes prepared with a camo hat and seems to be able to stand on her tail and back legs.

Guardians of Harmony Rainbow Dash & Tank ($9.99)

Rainbow Dash & Tank
This articulated Rainbow Dash is ready for flight with her goggles and is accompanied by Tank.

Thanks to Chevistian/MadamePomNews for the heads-up!
A little while ago we held a poll about what gimmicks Hasbro should add to their line of pony figures, and it seems that the wish for more non-brushables figures has been answered sooner than expected!


  1. Wow, these are GORGEOUS! (except the Shadowbolt, he looks weird) My favorite ones are Shining Armor, Spike and the princesses


  3. Replies
    1. The princesses look alright. That's a nice looking Nightmare Moon.

    2. in comparision to the other official figfures they are really good 0o
      also for that price class you cant want something like the fanmade quality.

  4. I don't care if Celestia and NMM aren't articulated - they look absolutely stunning. I'm a bit bummed that they left Cadance out, though.

    1. Maybe they'll make one of her if these two sell well enough. :)

  5. "designed after action stances from the Friendship is Magic TV-series"
    Wrong, they even stated in the announcement they are made to go with the upcoming IDW comic series of the same name which is a expanded storyline along the lines of the Return of Chrysalis, only with the difference that it seems to be the season finale's AUs that get expanded.

    1. Seems kinda redundant, since the comics are already set in an AU.

    2. EQG as whole is an AU, yet it got a comic series too. So much for this.

  6. Fall! I can't wait till then! My faves are Nightmare Moon, Celie, and Pinkie. The shadowbolt's neck does look a bit odd but if you look at Queen Chrysalis's in the angle it's at it looks as if her necks almost floating.

  7. http://s19.postimg.org/bu9fnf877/Spike_Shut_Up_And_Take_My_Money_n1312629108685.jpg

  8. Ahh, holy cow o.o Habro is really going all out with pony now. My wallet is being strangled here xD
    Honestly really want the pets and cockatrice, and that amazing Luna! <3 Again, I've gotta buy more sets for the pets >w<

  9. Wow! These are great toys! These deserve to be in the boys toys section! It looks like Hasbro has decided to target both boys and girls for MLP.

  10. yeesss action figure. havent got them for a while. DEFINITELY going to get shining armor with spike!!!! so cool!!!!!

  11. wait, but that's nightmare moon not luna!!! although I do want luns and badly

  12. What is Hasbro getting tired of being out done by Everyone else?

  13. I want Rainbow Dash and Twilight

  14. where will they be selled at? i need NMM! she is so cool!

  15. Please come to the UK, please come to the UK, please come to the UK!

  16. When I think of Mlp I think of this!!!!!

  17. I like Nightmare Moon and Celestia Pack- A MLP Collector

  18. There better not be any Starlight Glimmer in this or I will not be able to watch it. As it is, season 6 is a no go for me.