MLP Minty Build-a-Bear Plush
Good news for those who we're looking towards the release of the Build-a-Bear Minty Plush: She's now released and you can order her from the website of visit one of the Build-a-Bear Stores near you. So far she has been listed on both the US and UK website but not on any on the other. There were rumours that some countries (like Germany) stopped selling the MLP Plush but we haven't got any confirmation yet about that. If you have more info please let us know.

Have the listings for her below!

This classic MY LITTLE PONY character makes her furry friend debut! MINTY has soft cool mint-colored fur and a long pink mane and tail. The peppermint candies on her cutie mark let everyone know how sweet she is! 


  1. I picked Minty up today when I was at the mall (along with Twilight Sparkle) since my BAB in Canada is having their 2 for $37 sale (ponies are normally 30 bucks here, so buy one get the other for $7!)

    They are the same quality as build-a-bear's previous ponies, and were so much fun to make. Here's hoping for more pony releases and/or re-releases for non-mane 6 ponies.

  2. Bought 2 ponies, one Muffin aka Derpy.and Minty Mint both at $30. It was their black Friday sale BOGO plus Free shipping.