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MLP Merch Poll #97MLP Merch Poll #97 Results
We sort of missed last weeks poll, but that's no problem as we're right on time this week on a Monday!
Last time we asked you whether you like our new database features, and which one you're using now. We're glad that most of you are using our new features, of which Search by Character is the most popular one. The other features are also used, but the popularity is relatively lower. The Details Pages are the least used pages of all new features, but there is still a decent user base for that.
Only 13.6% of you are not using any of the new features, so it was a good investment on our side!

This week we're of course very interested in what you think about the new Funko Power Ponies Mystery Minis! They're not out yet, but the official renders are a good representation of what to expect.
You can find the current poll below or in the side bar on the right of the website, or towards the bottom of the page if you're using a smartphone.

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