MLP New Blind Bags
And again some new Blind Bags have appeared on Taobao. Some of these seem to math with the ones we found before meaning they could be in the same set of Blind Bags. Still it's unsure which theme these will have but a lot of characters are Rarity Related again. We also get a new Sweetie Drops and Lyra which look both quite good! We also got a new Lyrica Lilac which looks quite unfinished though compared to her previous release. We also see some new eye-designs. Some of them look good, others need a bit to get used to though...

We hope we can provide you all with more info soon! Have them all + their show counterparts below!

MLP Lyra Heartstrings Blind BagMLP Sweetie Drops Blind Bag


MLP Caesar Blind BagMLP Caesar Blind Bag

Lyrica Lilac

MLP Lyrica Lilac Blind BagMLP Lyrica Lilac Blind Bag

Royal Ribbon

MLP Royal Ribbon Blind BagMLP Royal Ribbon Blind Bag


MLP Twinkleshine Blind BagMLP Twinkleshine Blind Bag

Vidala Swoon

MLP Vidala Swoon Blind BagMLP Vidala Swoon Blind Bag


  1. Hasbro is really lazy when it comes to the blindbags themself but at least it's not only the default Mane6 molds.

    1. I guess, but if they had to make new molds for every single wave we'd probably end up having to pay even more for them.

    2. But all of their waves lately are repeats of older waves with 4-6 "new" figures while the prices for blindbags have increased a lot over the years...

    3. I hope we don't have to pay more for mlp blind bag ponies with new molds that don't make any sense!

    4. @ Ayu

      I don't think prices have gone up that much here. How much do they cost where you are?

    5. When blind bags were first released here in the U.S, they were $1.99. Now they are $2.50-$3 depending on the store. If they raise the prices anymore, they really won't be worth it unless Hasbro actually puts in the effort to make new molds for each set. I love the blind bags, but raising prices for molds that they keep re-using and calling it a "new pony" is just lazy. I guess only time will tell.

    6. That's is why i dont buy mlp blind bags.

  2. I love that we're getting Lyra and Bonbon together. :) I don't think that's ever happened before.

  3. They're certainly getting their money's worth out of the Florina Tart mould. Also, it seems to be the Brolly Twi mould they've used for Lyra. Using FiM Collection moulds for regular blind bags is interesting. The expression suits her though :)

  4. I hope the new mlp blind bags don't go up in price than i can't afford to buying them anymore!

  5. They kinda look like fakies

  6. What i find truly disappointing about the newer blind bags (last ones i got were from wave 15) is the complete lack of effort put into their paint jobs?! Ponies that have bi & tri-colored manes & tails r now being painted using only 1 color even tho they r pictured painted w their more appealing looking multi-colored manes & tails!? Using only 1 color when 2 or 3 is necessary REALLY changes the look of the pony (which i find disappointing) & is just down right lazy! How hard cud it b to go back & add a diff colored stripe here & there?? Imagine how diff Cadence wud look if her mane & tail was a solid yellow vs the yellow/purple/pink combo that we r used too...?
    In my opinion, not as good.