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MLP New Blind Bags
And again some new Blind Bags have appeared on Taobao. Some of these seem to math with the ones we found before meaning they could be in the same set of Blind Bags. Still it's unsure which theme these will have but a lot of characters are Rarity Related again. We also get a new Sweetie Drops and Lyra which look both quite good! We also got a new Lyrica Lilac which looks quite unfinished though compared to her previous release. We also see some new eye-designs. Some of them look good, others need a bit to get used to though...

We hope we can provide you all with more info soon! Have them all + their show counterparts below!

Ponymania Collection In StoreForever Friends In Store
After a short wait Toys"R"Us has started selling the Ponymania Collection and Forever Friends blind bag set this week. The Forever Friends set is sold for $19.99 and we don't know the price of the Ponymania Collection yet (can you help us out?). We've also seen some people finding the Photo Finish Ponymania pony at Toys"R"Us, but it's also available online (both for $9.99). Thanks to equestria_girls and Fadedglitter for images and info.

Pony Friends Forever Blind Bag Set
Pony Friends Forever Blind Bag Set
Seems like we will get a new Blind Bag set! This time it's gonna be the Pony Friends Forever Collection. It's gonna be an Toys'R'us exclusive set and it will come with some interesting ponies like a new Princess Luna Blind Bag and a Dj-Pon3 and Dr. Whooves Blind bag without rainbow markings.

This set will be part of the Pony Friends Forever line which is an Toys'R'Us exclusive line. Not more information is known at the moment.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!