New My Little Pony Playskool Sets Announced
Various new My Little Pony Playskool Friends sets have been announced yesterday. While the targeted audience might not read this post, we're sure there are plenty of collectors out there who adore the cute faces of these tiny figures! Below we have all new items that have been announced, including all available pictures.

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MLP Playskool Friends Twilight Sparkle & Spike Set
MLP Playskool Friends Moondancer & Cheerilee SetMLP Playskool Friends Fluttershy & Bunny Set
First there are three new 2-packs announced with Twilight & Spike, Fluttershy & Bunny and Moon Dancer & Cheerilee. It's expected that these sets will be available at $6.99, just like the earlier releases.

MLP Playskool Friends Pop-Along Set With Pinkie Pie & MintyMLP Playskool Friends Pop-Along Set With Pinkie Pie & Minty
Also added to the collection is the Pinkie Pie Pop-Along Train featuring Pinkie Pie with a cute conductors hat and Minty as well. The train itself can also pop-out colorful balls while it's riding.

MLP Playskool Friends Wheel PalsMLP Playskool Friends Rainbow Dash Wheel Pals
MLP Playskool Friends Twilight Sparkle Wheel PalsMLP Playskool Friends Pinkie Pie Wheel Pals
And finally we have the ponies-on-wheels figures called 'Wheel Pals' of which Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Twilight Sparkle will be available. And don't be worried, the box image you see is the store display case of which you can pick your individual ponies, you won't get doubles!

Don't they all look adorable!?


  1. When do these come out?

  2. Did anyone ever find the race cars in stores? I want one but could never find it.

    1. I think those never actually came out. Amazon never put them up for sale.

  3. How can they announce these, when the wave that was supposed to come out this year still hasn't yet? I'm talking about the one with the pony cars, the ones revealed at ToyFair, where are those?

    1. I think the same of Roller Skater dolls from FG

    2. The roller skater dolls from FG I believe at least got a release in the UK. If you REALLY want them, I recommend going through Amazon.co.uk, and hope to find somethign that delivers to wherever you are. That's how I got mine.

      I'm more disappointed however that the Rarity gala dress doll got cancelled. Twice, it seems. There was the Fashion Style, and the "action" one, where are those?