New UK MLP Magazine Bundled With Pet Erasers
This month's MLP magazine in the UK is not bundled with any pony figures, but they made up for it big time by including 3 amazing erasers based on pets! The erasers of Gummy, Owlowiscious and Angel are spot-on with their show counterparts, even after a transformation to 3D, and include multiple colors.
Hopefully they will keep on releasing both the figures and the erasers, as for freebies with a magazine these releases are not bad at all!
Thanks to Victor for the images!
New UK MLP Magazine Bundled With Pet ErasersNew UK MLP Magazine Bundled With Pet Erasers


  1. yeah i got mine and the poster, like the two other times are doubled sided
    but the rubbers are really nice :3

    1. I got it too i especially like owlicious :)

    2. You guys are very lucky to get the mlp erasers congrats!

  2. Very cute mlp erasers to bad we don't get the mlp magazine here in the us.

  3. I live in the US, but I have a friend in Scotland that can send me the magazines. She sent me the one that came with the Nightmare Moon figure, which is the only one I really wanted :)