Rainbow Dash Plush Piggy Bank at Walmart
You know plush. You know piggy banks. But did you ever saw a plush piggy bank? Well they appear to exist, and now there's even one based on Rainbow Dash!
This plush is about 7.5 inches tall and has a coin slot on her back, but also has the usual coin stopper on the bottom as you expect from any piggy bank.
Walmart does not list the manufacturer of this plush, and we couldn't find it out yet. The plush itself does not look like any of the other brands we know at this moment, especially the wrong eye color and lashes are making this a bigger mystery.
On the bright side, this plush will only set you back $7 at Walmart, which is pretty fair for a plush or piggy bank, let alone a combination of the two!


  1. her eyes are pink, you idiots!

    1. The color isn't the problem, she got Pinkie Pie's eyes as whole.

    2. It's not because it is the wrong eyes in the first place, RD isn't Pinkie Pie.

  2. it is a problem Ayu! I mean yeah she does have pinkie's eyes, but it's all about the color idiot!