Exclusive: Wave 19 and 20 Megapost: Lots of images and codes!
A little while ago we posted all the info we had on Wave 19. At least so we thought. In fact that what we posted earlier turns out to be wave 20, and we now found wave 19 to fill in the gap. How do we know? On the box there is a label with the new set name, which now shows the year of release and a number. Wave 19 logically is 2017/01 and wave 20 follow with 2017/02. Good thing we didn't add them to the database yet!
For the release date we already know that wave 20 will be released in March 2017, so wave 19 has got to be released earlier than that. I don't expect it to make it to stores before Christmas, but somewhere around February sounds reasonable.

Below we have all detailed information of these upcoming two waves including images, cards and characters the new ponies are based on. However, we are not posting the final codes yet, as Hasbro could have mixed up the order. But we did try to guess the order of wave 20 based on earlier waves.
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Wave 19 Blind Bag list

(no codes yet, listed alphabetically)
Database links: Wave 19 Figures - Wave 19 Cards
- Amethyst Star
- Count Caesar
- Long Shot
- Lotus Blossom
- Lyra Heartstrings
- Lyrica Lilac
- Manely Gold
- Mane Moon
- Midnight Fun
- Minuette
- Picture Frame
- Powder Rouge
- Press Release
- Pretty Vision
- Roxie Rave
- Royal Ribbon
- Shoeshine
- Snappy Scoop
- Soigne Folio
- Stella Lashes
- Sweetie Drops
- Twilight Sky
- Twinkle Shine
- Vidale Swoon

All Wave 19 Blind Bags
All Wave 19 Blind Bags
Comparison of Wave 19 Blind Bags with their show counterparts
Comparison of Wave 19 Blind Bags with their show counterparts

Wave 20 Blind Bag list

Including codes (not confirmed)
Database links: Wave 20 Figures - Wave 20 Cards
AA - Berry Preppy
AB - Luckette
AC - Miss Pommel
AD - Mare E Lynn
AE - Beaude Mane
AF - Business Savvy
AG - Don Neigh
AH - Lavender Bloom
AI - Janine Manewitz
AK - Mare E Belle
AL - Upper East Stride
AM - B. Sharp
AN - Silver Berry
AO - Levon Song
AP - Strawberry Ice
AR - Neigh Sayer
AS - Roger Silvermane
AT - Pegasus Olsen
AU - Swanky Hank
AV - Joan Pommelway
AW - Blueberry Curls
AX - Pursey Pink
AY - Prim Hemline
AZ - Fancy Pants

All Wave 20 Blind Bags
All Wave 20 Blind Bags
Comparison of Wave 20 Blind Bags with their show counterparts
Comparison of Wave 20 Blind Bags with their show counterparts


  1. could i suggest something for the database, remember them leaflets you use to get with the ponies and it was one big ad and had all the upcoming toys in it, well id love to have a database for them, i have nearly all of them but there are probs alot of pictures of them online, but yeah id love to see that if you think its a good idea but also we have seen some signs of the leaflets coming back in the new toys :)

  2. Those cards are atrocious... So many recolors *shudder*

  3. I thought that mould would be perfect for BonBon/Sweetie Drops when I saw it.

  4. They did a lot better on the mold and paint this time :0

  5. Buying
    Wave 19:Amethyst/Lyra/Crescent moon)/Bon Bon and maybe Minuette
    Wave 20:Fancy Pants/Daisy and maybe Prim hemline

  6. Anyone seen Wave 17 in stores yet? I think they said Wave 16 wasn't going to be in the states (which still sucks by the way), but I haven't seen Wave 17 at all yet.

    1. No I'm not having any luck finding wave 17 blind bags neither i hope they come out soon I've been looking for the wave 17 mlp blind bags for a couple of months now not walmart or target has them in yet I'm getting very annoyed if they don't come out by January I'm buying my wave 17 and wave 18 blind. Bags online!

  7. Favorites in 19: Powder Rouge, Stella Lashes, Roxie Rave, Vidale Swoon, Snappy Scoop

    Favorites in 20: Swanky Hank, Prim Hemline, Strawberry Ice, Pursey Pink, Berry Preppy, Silver Berry, Joan Pommelway, Blueberry Curls, Mare E Lynn, B. Sharp, Lavender Bloom (appears to be Daisy's twin?)

    I definitely preferred the first dozen or so waves, but...does that mean I'll be able to resist at least picking up a few of my faves? Unlikely. ;p

  8. Is anyone else having a problem viewing emails from MLPMerch? Emails to me always comes out looking completely weird

    1. Could you send us a screenshot? Didn't hear this before

  9. I'm really liking wave 19 and wave 20 mlp blind bags so far my favorite ones are miss pomel and blueberry curls