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EXCLUSIVE: First Images of Wave 24 Blind Bags Found
Only a small 3 months after the latest blind bag wave was spotted, we already have images of the next upcoming wave! This new upcoming wave has a small bunch of re-released figures, but plenty of new ponies to be excited about! For this first time you'll be able to get Soiled Milk (a.k.a. Spoiled Rich), Deputy Copper, Apple Brown Betty, Trouble Shoes and Double Diamond. The chase figures, of which there are 5, are once again regular molded ponies with larger glitter flakes in their mane and tail, much like the earlier waves. Aside from the new characters there are a few mold changes too, like Fleur de Lis and Raven Inkwell for example.
Below we have the list of all 24 characters, and their currently expected blind bag codes.

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MLP Merch Poll #104MLP Merch Poll #103 Results
Two week ago (yeah we missed a week) we asked you which new card type you like the most of the upcoming 4th series of MLP Trading Cards. Most people are waiting to finally see the Create-a-Card contest winners, which was to be expected as Enterplay did not share any further information on those yet. Other popular card types were new finishes and the unique parallel set with cards of which only 1 exists in the whole world. The least popular options were the die-cut cards and the matching box topper variants of these. In addition to that almost 25% of the people are not interested in the new types at all, either because they like regular cards or don't collect the cards.

Exclusive: Wave 19 and 20 Megapost: Lots of images and codes!
A little while ago we posted all the info we had on Wave 19. At least so we thought. In fact that what we posted earlier turns out to be wave 20, and we now found wave 19 to fill in the gap. How do we know? On the box there is a label with the new set name, which now shows the year of release and a number. Wave 19 logically is 2017/01 and wave 20 follow with 2017/02. Good thing we didn't add them to the database yet!
For the release date we already know that wave 20 will be released in March 2017, so wave 19 has got to be released earlier than that. I don't expect it to make it to stores before Christmas, but somewhere around February sounds reasonable.

Below we have all detailed information of these upcoming two waves including images, cards and characters the new ponies are based on. However, we are not posting the final codes yet, as Hasbro could have mixed up the order. But we did try to guess the order of wave 20 based on earlier waves.
This is an MLP Merch exclusive post. You're free to share the content, but please link back to this page when you do, thank you!

Crescent Moon Blind Bag Appears on eBayCrescent Moon Blind Bag Appears on eBay
On eBay UK a new blind bag has been spotted for the upcoming Rarity-themed blind bag waves: Crescent Moon. This is the first time that Hasbro creates a Pegasus without actual molded wings, but instead painted wings on the body. Oddly enough the wings are printed on both sides, but the cutie mark is still only on the display side.
The figure itself will probably be part of wave 20, but we don't know much about that wave yet. We'll make sure to report on new figures when they appear.
Thanks to Rich for the info!