Store finds: Wave 18, Hasbro Plush & More
It's a been a little while since our last store finds post! All the submissions have piled up, so prepare for a big one today with all the store releases during the first two weeks of 2017.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Canada - Rainbow Rocks Equestria Girls Minis

Canada - Rainbow Rocks Equestria Girls MinisCanada - Rainbow Rocks Equestria Girls Minis
Over in Canada they're getting a pretty close to releasing all the new merch for this season. Now at Toys"R"Us you can also get the latest Equestria Girls Minis figures from the Rainbow Rocks line for $9.99 each.
(Thanks to CottonTALE)

Online - Wave 18 Blind Bags

Online - Wave 18 Blind Bags
We didn't hear of any store finds yet, but on eBay you can already get a full Wave 18 blind bag box if you don't want to wait for stores to get them in stock.
(Thanks to April)

US - Reboot Series Runway Figures + Sets

US - Reboot Series Runway Figures + Sets US - Reboot Series Runway Figures + Sets
Slowly but surely the Reboot Series brushables are starting to appear in the United States. Target is selling the regular Runway Fashions figures at $7.99 each, and the bigger sets (Royal Friendships, Family Moments & Nurturing Friends) have also been spotted (price unknown).
(Thanks to Felipe & Cory)

US - 12" Hasbro Plush

US - 12" Hasbro PlushUS - 12" Hasbro Plush
Only very recently we learned about the existence of 12" plush by Hasbro, yet Target is already selling them in the US for $12.99 each! We did not hear about other sizes being available in the US, but if you spot them, please let us know for the next store finds post!
(Thanks to Steven)

US - Friendship is Magic Collection Carousel Boutique

We don't have a photo for this one, but Target (yes, again) is starting to sell the Friendship is Magic Collection Carousel Boutique sets, featuring Rarity and Hoity Toity. The set is sold for $19.99, but might not yet be available at every Target store.
(Thanks to moulin-rouge)


  1. The new brushables, Carousel Boutique and blind bags are in the UK too, in The Entertainer :) I think the blind bags I saw would be Wave 18A (they had Cadence, Fluttershy, Comet Tail and Sprinkle Medley, among others), and they were £2.50.

    1. I'm still waiting for waves 17 and 18 mlp blind bags to be alavable in the us stores

  2. The bigger sets (Family Moments, Royal Friendships and Nurturing Friends) of the reboots are $14.99 on Amazon.

  3. Can someone post the Target DPCI codes for the plushes and the Hoity Toity set? Thanks!!!

  4. The blind bags have been available in Uk for months but in 2 boxes of 12

  5. Target DPCI codes for new mlp plushies - Twilight Sparkle 086-02-5129, Rainbow Dash " " 5130, " " 5131, " " 5132, " " 5133, Applejack " " 5134. Not sure which of these #'s go w Pinky, Rarity, or Fluttershy tho.