Baby Flurry Heart Magazine Figure Released
Over in France the MLP Magazine is now bundled with a free Baby Flurry Heart figure. This was already announced back in December, but we now have some proper images of the actual figure!
The figure looks decent (especially since it's free), but according to the submitter Flurry Heart is a bit wobbly and it's hard to keep her from falling over (well it is still a foal, after all).
The next magazine figure in France will be Spike. Other European MLP Magazine might also receive the Baby Flurry Heart this month, but we've not heard of any other finds yet.

Talking about magazine figures, did you know that you can see all released magazine figures in our MLP Merch Database?

Thanks to Neptune for the info!

Baby Flurry Heart Magazine Figure ReleasedBaby Flurry Heart Magazine Figure Released

Baby Flurry Heart Magazine Figure Released


  1. Speaking of MLP magazines, the german one by Panini won't get any issues anymore due to a lack of sales (not hard to understand considering the freebies were the same unrelated stuff they use for all their other magazines, it only had figures twice)

  2. In the uk we are getting the flurry heart next issue, so next month :3

    1. 24th Feb, in fact ^_^

  3. In Italy it has arrived!! It's beautiful and very cheap.
    She's nicer than The figure released By Hasbro in The castle and she's taller than it

  4. In Poland we are getting baby Flurry Heart on 21th February

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