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Hasbro Reveals Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish Playset
Hasbro is on a roll with tons of surprises today, and now released information on an upcoming MLP The Movie-based playset. The set features two "new" characters: Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish, who is a sea-forme of the Spike we all know. Queen Novo in this case looks very similar to Princess Celestia, but we're unsure about their relation at the moment.
The playset, officially named Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle Playset, features a castle that is presumably going to be a part of the My Little Pony movie and is quite large (29"), with plenty of actions and accessories. With the Queen Novo and Spike figures included this set is going to be sold at MSRP $99.

Hasbro Reveals Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish PlaysetHasbro Reveals Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish Playset

Below is the full description Hasbro shared on Yahoo:
Fans can recreate adventures from the movie with Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish figures, and this 2-worlds-in-1, 29-inch playset. Place the figures on the slide or in the bubble-shaped elevator and have them ride from Canterlot [the capitol of the ponies’ homeland of Equestria] down to the kingdom of Seaquestria or on the dance floor and spin the light up tower. The figures can also fit on the spinning octopus ride. Kids can push a button to open the treasure chest and jellyfish chandelier to hide treasure inside. The set includes 30-plus accessories for bedtime, beach time, tea time, and more!

(Thanks to Chevistian for the heads-up!)

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  1. I'm almost wondering if Seaquestria is an alternate dimension such as Canterlot High in Equestria Girls, considering the similarity to Princess Celestia and Spike is a different animal again. The only times the main six or Twilight/Spike turned into different creatures or characters was in Equestria Girls and Power Ponies. Makes sense.