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My Little Pony A New Generation Lights Shimmer Action Playset
A "new" playset has been spotted called Lights Shimmer Action. Well, it's not actually like one we never seen before. It's actually almost completely the same as the Royal Racing Ziplines playset. The difference for this one being some of the colors have changed, but the biggest difference is in my opinion the inclusion of Zipp Storm.
Besides that the ponies included are not articulated and translucent, however. There bodies does seem to have more detail like painted wings. The playset itself has also been a bit simplified with the exclusision of several accesories and details, and cloudpuff is missing too. It does include a nice decal of the two sisters though! We've included a comparison below.

My Little Pony Royal Racing Zipline Playset with Princess Pipp and Cloudpuff

Two days ago ABGee listed a lot of new upcoming G5 Toys, but now they have posted the listings for two more: The Singing Princess Pipp and the Royal Racing Zipline Playset.


After a long silence regarding official figures, since the reveal presentation in February, we're finally seeing the first listings! German toy information website Brandora listed two playets that we're seeing for the first time: Mix and Make with Sunny Starscout and Critter Creation with Izzy Moonbow.

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My little Pony 35th Anniversary Pretty Parlor with Peachy
A few days ago we reported that the the second set of the 35th Anniversary Ponies, the Rainbow Pony ones to be exact, were found at Target despite being rumored that they would be exclusive for Europe. But not only the Rainbow Ponies have been spotted. The Pretty Parlor set has now also been found at Target!

Store Finds: Valentines, Tempest Shadow & Much More!
This week we're doing things a bit differently in the store finds post. We've got quite a lot of submits, and instead of splitting it by the person who submitted the news, we're dividing the post per store. This way it's a bit easier to see which sets were found in every store.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.


We always like to be a bit careful when it comes to spoilers. Season 8 might not be far off and Hasbro did already publish a video that kinda showed what is going to happen this season. But just in case...

 My Little Pony the Movie Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle with Friends Haven Bay Figure
 Walmart has listed the Canterlot & Seaquestria Playset on their website but this release comes with three additional bonus ponies, and one of them is quite special since it's a brand new character named "Haven Bay" she has quite an interesting color scheme! The other two bonus ponies included are Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle. So for a total of $88.00 you'll get the large playset with Queen Novo and Spike also included + these three bonus ponies and a ton of accessories! Have some images and other information below as well as the listing.
Thanks to pandaili.official for the heads up!

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My Little Pony the Movie Mare-Y-Go-Round Friendship Festival Playset
Quite a surprise release here with the Mare-Y-Go-Round Playset from Toys'R'Us Exclusive Friendship Festival line. This carousel comes with Pinkie Pie and Rarity with their glittery legs and hair. And for those wondering, yes this carousel is the same one as the one released as Rarity's  Carousel Boutique, the only difference being the colors and decals. You can get this set on the Toys'R"Us website for $39.99.

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MLP The Movie Fashion Seaponies & Seashell Lagoon Sets Available
Another update from Amazon right now with the availability of various new MLP The Movie sets, including the Fashion Style seaponies! It's the first official batch that's being sold, in contrast to the somewhat overpriced third party listings from the past weeks.
The first wave of the Land & Sea Fashion Style ponies consist of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, who are available for $11.99 each. They have 8 points of articulation and come with a seapony tail, which is removable.
Princess Skystar, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are available in the first Glitter & Style set for MLP The Movie, and they come combined with several accessories each. They have glossy eyes and translucent wings, but their seapony tail is permanent. They're priced at $16.99 a piece.
And finally there's the Seashell Lagoon playset, for $39.99, with Pinkie Pie and a beautiful light-up wall and bubble maker. As usual Hasbro didn't save on accessories for this playset, so you'll get plenty of food, pearls, crown, furniture and even a fish to keep Pinkie Pie company.

All Amazon Listings:
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Fluttershy
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Rainbow Dash
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Fluttershy
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Princess Skystar
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Twilight Sparkle
- My Little Pony The Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset (With Pinkie Pie)

We've also added the listings to our curated MLP The Movie merch list on Amazon, which includes all currently available sets and figures.

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New Playskool Play Set With Angel Coming Soon
Promotional images of a new Playskool Friends playset. simply called "Treehouse", have been released online. The photos show a big playset with various points of interaction to be used with the My Little Pony Playskool Friends characters.
It's a bit vague which characters are actually included and which were added to fill up the setting of the photos, but one thing to notice is the first release of Angel. In the images it isn't really clear whether Fluttershy's pet will be a loos character or part of the playset scenery, but the design is different from the earlier announced bunny-character.
The current MSRP is around $70, which is pretty steep, so I expect some loose characters to be included with this set to justify that price. Hopefully we'll have more information on the included items once this set hits Amazon.