Detailed Images of Starlight Glimmer BaB Plush
Many people already visited their local Build-a-Bear store to get the latest My Little Pony character plush: Starlight Glimmer. One of our followers, CottonTALE, was kind enough to send us some photos of what she's actually look like, especially for those who are still in doubt on whether to get her or not.
In the photos you can see that they took some special arrangements to keep her hair in place by stitching various parts of it. If you're looking to give her a custom hairdo, you might need to keep that in mind. Also, I'm not sure if it's the lighting in the picture, but the color of her coat looks more towards salmon than her regular, brighter pink.

Detailed Images of Starlight Glimmer BaB PlushDetailed Images of Starlight Glimmer BaB Plush

Detailed Images of Starlight Glimmer BaB PlushDetailed Images of Starlight Glimmer BaB Plush


  1. As an additional note, on the birth certificate for Starlight Glimmer it labels her fur colour as lavander. Up close she is a bit of a pink-purple shade like in the show.

  2. Thanks for posting pictures. Sometimes peoples pictures are better to see the details than stock images. If the build a bear ponies were not so big, I would defiantly get her. I have Fluttershy, Derpy and the 3 cutie mark crusaders. My Fluttershy has the best Birthday. Her Birthday is on November 23, 2013. I got her 1 week before her official release day (Build a bear sent a coupon to get her early), and her Birthday is the same day that BBC America aired the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. And the season 4 premiere of My little pony. I most likely got her at the same time that mlp aired. Derpy is also very special. She was 1 of the last items I got at the New York store before it closed (I'm hoping they open another store in New York). And they had a sale so I picked out Frozen Fever Anna bear (with the sale its like I got Anna for free).

    1. The B-a-B plushies really aren't that big. They're perfect cuddle sized but not so big that they take up a ton of space.