Kinder Re-Releases My Little Pony Surprise Eggs - Adds Rarity
For this year's Easter, Kinder has re-released the My Little Pony Surprise Eggs figure, originally from 2015, in a special Easter Maxi egg (Riesen-Ei in Germany). One little change, though: They've replaced the Twilight Sparkle pony and EqG figure with Rarity figures. This leave only Applejack behind as the only figure not released in Kinder eggs (which isn't the first time).
You should be able to get them right now in Germany and/or surrounding countries, especially as your country got the original eggs too.
Thanks to Ayu for the info!


  1. They made a twilight sparkle version that came out in Canada around Valentine's Day, I did a review of them on my MLP review show, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6UkhMFrLrC8

  2. Terrible Doesn't even look like them at all Between these and Guardians of Harmony Hasbro is really starting to kill the MLP toy line

    1. Guardians of Harmony is one of their successful toy lines, how is it ruining mlp??

    2. Nor do all look like that, they vary a lot at the height of the eyes due to machine production.

  3. In the UK atm we have MLP kinder easter eggs, they have twilight inside as either pony or equestria girls version, larger than the original kinder egg figure.