Watch Out for Fake Equestria Girls Minis!
While I hope to get enough time for a new Fakie Quest post soon, this is one set of fakies that I wanted to get out in the open as soon as possible. Over on Taobao (and possibly eBay and AliExpress too) loads of listings for these fake Equestria Girls Minis are filling the search pages of the online marketplace. They look pretty accurate and cost next to nothing: listings go as low as $8.50 for 9 figures! Now these are only the Taobao prices, it's possible that once these hit eBay the prices will rise as well if people can't tell the difference.
To help everyone out we've made a quick reference to telling these and real EqG Minis apart. In the picture below we've marked some key elements different from the original ones:

Fake and Real Equestria Girls Minis Rarity Comparison
- Glossy plastic/paint
- Proportions are slightly off (especially the face)
- Additional paint (feet, hair, accessories, etc.) are sloppy
- Wrong eye designs
- Mouths are wrong (some cases)
- No elbow articulation
- "Lego" hands
- Clothing differs (lining, glitter, shape, etc.)

Don't be fooled if you see this set of 9 characters online, or even a sub-set of them: check the above features and compare them with the characters in our Equestria Girls Database to be sure about the origin!
Fake Equestria Girls Minis Figures
Fake Equestria Girls Minis Figures
Fake Equestria Girls Minis Figures


  1. I wish the fake makers would do something more interesting than just straight up copy the existing dolls. Like they could give us the characters Hasbro skipped or make them have brushable hair or real clothes.

  2. It looks like glass watching them from far away