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Tsunameez Keychains Spotted at Hot Topic

Subscribers of our MLP Database newsletter might have seen this surprising release already, but what you might not know yet is that these Tsunameez keychains were found at Hot Topic!

EXCLUSIVE: Images of Wave 23 MLP Blind Bags
If there's one thing that's not going to end any time soon it has to be My Little Pony blind bags. We've already reached the announcement of Wave 23. According to the packaging it's planned to come out in 2018, so expect to wait a few months for these, but it'll be worth the wait!
Why? Well the huge amount of great characters! Cheerilee, Princess Cadance, Cheese Sandwich, Snips, Snails, Baby Flurry Heart and I can keep going on. Five of the characters will get the chase-treatment of large glitters in their manes, as with the previous Wave 21 and Wave 22 sets.

Below we have a full list of characters with images and names. It's a bit too early for codes, but we'll be sure to post about that once we're certain.

Watch Out for Fake Equestria Girls Minis!
While I hope to get enough time for a new Fakie Quest post soon, this is one set of fakies that I wanted to get out in the open as soon as possible. Over on Taobao (and possibly eBay and AliExpress too) loads of listings for these fake Equestria Girls Minis are filling the search pages of the online marketplace. They look pretty accurate and cost next to nothing: listings go as low as $8.50 for 9 figures! Now these are only the Taobao prices, it's possible that once these hit eBay the prices will rise as well if people can't tell the difference.
To help everyone out we've made a quick reference to telling these and real EqG Minis apart. In the picture below we've marked some key elements different from the original ones:

MLP Fluttershy Fall Formal Equestria Girls Minis Figure
These minis are already available in several stores and on several websites. Some of them were even already available on Amazon but for much higher prices since they were sold by a Third-Party Seller. But most of the fall formal Minis are now available for order for their normal Amazon prices which is $8.99. This is with the exception of Dj Pon-3 who is still sold by a 3th-party one but I decided to include her since she's basically part of this wave. The Equestria Girls Minis Dance Playset is now also available with the price of $29.99. Have all the listings below!

So for the past days we posted quite a lot of news about the newest Equestria Girls Minis. But now almost all the new stuff we've found has now been listed on Amazon together with some great HQ Images. As you can see the packaging for the singles stays the same if you compare them to the first singles which is weird since I expected them to be a little different so that you can't confuse them with the past releases, but I think it's not kind of a big deal.
Also, none of these are available for order yet. We'll let you know when they are. Have all the information and images below!

MLP Equestria Girls Minis Series 2 Fall Formal Singles

Three days ago Entertainment Earth listed some new listings for the Equestria Girls Minis and some of them have now updated listings with images. (The Boho dolls have been listed as well but we already have pictures of those) The two new ones are the second wave of the Equestria Girls Singles and apparently the Six-Pack that was announced around the Toy Fair is still a thing.

As expected the second wave contains DJ Pon-3, Flash Sentry, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. According to the listing they will arrive this July. You can pre-order al 5 of them here for $44.99

MLP Fluttershy School Cafeteria Equestria Girls Minis Set
Entertainment Earth has updated their listing of the Fluttershy School Cafeteria Set with an updated image. But alongside her Entertainment Earth has also listed a lot of other Equestria Girls Minis listings. This one will be $17.99 and will arrive next month according to Entertainment Earth. Have the other listings and information below!

MLP DJ Pon-3 Equestria Girls Minis Figure
This morning we already posted that a lot of new Equestria Girls Minis have been spotted on Ebay, but it turns out that even more have been listed as an Everyday DJ Pon-3 was spotted alongside a Fall Formal Flash Sentry and a Fluttershy Pep Rally one. All of these were shown during the Toy Fair and none of them have appeared on Amazon so far but as always, we'll keep you updated with everything.

Please note that if you buy these from Ebay it could be that these are factory rejects. So they might have paint flaws or problems with the joints so be careful. ;)

Equestria Girls Minis at the NY Toy Fair 2016
Thanks to ASM we now have some better pictures of Hasbro's Equestria Girls Mini figures stand! Earlier we wrote about the early announcements, and of course the confirmation of a Sunset Shimmer figure, but now we have some good shots of the complete upcoming line of Mini figures!
The first thing that looks interesting is Pinkie Pie with various hair-styles, which seems to be interchangeable. Besides that new feature we also get more movie-accurate clothing styles like the EqG stamp outfit and Sunset Shimmer's regular dress. The Dance Collection will features figures with Masquerade masks and plenty of food, drinks and party equipment to go with.
Scroll on down to see the figures in more detail, again with thanks to ASM!

MLP Equestria Girls Minis Dance Playset
And in addition to the Legend of Everfree dolls we just posted we also have some information bout the upcoming Equestria Girls Minis. The first thing is the Dance Playset which features a large ballroom and lots of accessories. The image of this one is seen above. The second thing that has been announced is a new 6-pack of Equestria Minis figures. This set contains Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity. This set will retail for $39.99 and the playset will be $29.99