My Little Pony the Movie All About DJ Pon-3 and Pinkie Pie Brusables
They are perhaps one of the most anticipated singles today as during the Toy Fair we saw that this set will contain some interesting characters like Soarin' and Big Macintosh, but other fan favorites like Starlight Glimmer, Sweetie Drops and DJ Pon-3 will also join this line. The concept of these brushables is quite interesting as they contain the face of the character and a background that's familiar to them. These make up for quite some lively designs. For those who don't like the design that much, they are just like regular brushables on the other side including a normal cutie mark.
Anyways they are now appearing on Taobao and eBay but just Pinkie Pie and DJ Pon-3 for the moment. We also found the stock image for the packaging of Rainbow Dash' release. Have some images and eBay listings below:

eBay Listing:


  1. Cool, hopefully this means we'll start seeing them in stores soon! Do we know what the wave breakdowns of these are? I would imagine this confirms Pinkie and DJ as two of the usual 4 wave one ponies, I'd suppose Rainbow Dash is another, and I don't know I guess maybe Big Mac would be the last one?

  2. Now the question, as to why Hasbro didn't print both sides before, gets even more confusing as those don't cost more than usual so it sure isn't because of a higher price...

    1. Not completely accurate, as we know Hasbro never printed on both sides before to save on cost, but this is a different type of gimmick, and we've had lines where images have been printed onto the dolls opposite the cutie mark, just not to this detail. It's within the cost of their budget so to say. Or, what they saved from not having to print much on both sides in the previous doll release could be carried over to spend on this release.

      It may seem that "it doesn't cost more" but mirroring that image and printing it on thousands and thousands of dolls actually does have a bit of cost to it as a whole. But there is a budget for new designs.