My Little Pony NY Toy Fair 2017 Wrap-Up
Welcome to our yearly tradition in February: The wrap-up of the New York Toy Fair. In this post we sum up all the info that we could find about My Little Pony on the biggest annual toy fair of the world. We've categorized all new merch and added as much photos as possible. We hope you'll enjoy reading it!
Previous editions: 2014, 2015 & 2016

MLP The Movie

You knew it, we knew it and Hasbro knew it: The official My Little Pony movie is going to play a big role in this year's line-up of toys. Not only the yearly line of brushables will see various MLP The Movie characters, but a completely new Guardians of Harmony series and a blind bag wave are going to be released around the upcoming movie. And that's just what Hasbro announced so far, personally we expect even more figures to hit the shelves towards the end of the year and from 3rd party manufacturers.
Hasbro's Information Booth at the 2017 New York Toy Fair


The line-up of brushables figures will be huge, with quite some variation in sets and types too. One thing that directly caught our eye are the "Screencap" single brushables called All About Friends. These figures have a still from the show/movie on their display side, covering their complete body. They might have a regular cutie mark on the non-display side, but we haven't actually seen that yet. Another great thing about this set is the release of official Big McIntosh and Soarin' brushables.
Other regular-sized brushables with be released in combination with MLP The Movie sets, like a new carrying case and play sets of Twilight Sparkle & Princess Skystar and Pinkie Pie & Princess Luna.
My Little Pony Seaquestria and Brushables DisplayMy Little Pony Brushables Display

My Little Pony Single All About Friends BrushablesMy Little Pony Single All About Friends Brushables

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash All About Friends BrushableMy Little Pony Big McIntosch All About Friends Brushable

My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Skystar

Over in the larger-brushables-section we some some very fashionable Fashion Style ponies, like Rarity with oversized glasses and Applejack with a blue and green outfit. Also seen are pearl figures of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack and Rainbow Dash who glow if you tough their hooves. In between is a singing Twilight Sparkle which is just a tad bigger then the Fashion Style figures, and she's combined with a new Spike who can sing along in a duet.
My Little Pony Larger Brushables DisplayMy Little Pony Larger Brushables Display

Another big series will be the Seaquestria line, which is part of the movie series. The line feature smaller seahorses, regular sized sea ponies and larger figures like Twilight Sparkle. This all comes together in the huge Seaquestria Play Set. An actual swimming Pinkie Pie is also part of this line.
My Little Pony Seaquestria DisplayMy Little Pony Seaquestria Display

My Little Pony Seaquestria DisplayMy Little Pony Seaquestria Brushables Display

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Sea Pony BrushableMy Little Pony Fluttershy & Queen Novo Sea Pony Brushables

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie & Rarity Sea Pony BrushablesMy Little Pony Swimming Pinkie Pie Sea Pony Brushable

My Little Pony Swimming Pinkie Pie Sea Pony Brushable PackagingMy Little Pony Swimming Pinkie Pie Sea Pony Brushable

Guardians of Harmony

Again, it should come as a surprise that the coolest characters from the movie are getting an action-packed released in the Guardians of Harmony line. Especially the Storm King & Grubber Fan Series statue look impressive. Most of the characters have already been discussed in earlier posts, but we'll go into more detail of some special figures.
My Little Pony The Movie Guardians of Harmony FiguresMy Little Pony The Movie Guardians of Harmony Figures

Stratus Skyranger will have multi-point flying articulation and has a special grip-action. It will be the largest set of them all, about the same as last year's Spike the Dragon figure.
My Little Pony The Movie Guardians of Harmony Stratus Skyranger

The Tempest Shadow figure comes with some sort of rocket in which you can place her, thanks to some articulation. The rocket has a pullback motor and moving wings. Sadly her horn doesn't grow back.
My Little Pony The Movie Guardians of Harmony Tempest Shadow

Equestria Girls

As we've reported in a previous post, starting with the 2017 line-up all Equestria Girls figures will be Minis. However, this doesn't mean that the upcoming figures will be dull! Loads of new characters have been announced, like Muffins (Derpy), Starlight Glimmer, Daring Do and Trixie. Plenty of them with play sets or accessories too. We'll also see a new collection pack of characters. The announced figures can be split in two series: Movies and Mall themed figures.
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis DisplayMy Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Display

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis DisplayMy Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Display

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis DisplayMy Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Collection

A new feature that the line will introduce is interchangeable bodies, which is something fans of LPS might recognize this from the Blythe dolls. Sets of Rarity and Twilight Sparkle will feature 1 complete figure each, but come with additional hair pieces, bodies and accessories. According to Hasbro you can make over 185 combinations with the provided items.
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Dress-Up Sets

Blind Bags & FiM Collection

Starting with the Blind Bags we'll see at least two more waves this year, one of which will be focused on MLP The Movie. Another set that is planned for later this year has no theme yet.
My Little Pony Blind Bag DisplayMy Little Pony Blind Bag Boxes & Sets Display

My Little Pony Blind Bag Display

At the Toy Fair Hasbro showed both the current Rarity FiM Collection and an upcoming line of (you guessed it) My Little Pony The Movie sets, with an influence from Canterlot too. The latter series will feature new characters like Tempest Shadow, Storm King and Grubber, but at least Pinkie Pie , Celestia and the CMC will join the party as well.
My Little Pony Blind Bag & Friendship is Magic Collection Display


The big line of plush Hasbro announced last year will continue in 2017 with some new characters. We can spot a Trixie, Princess Celestia, Luna & Cadance and at least two Spikes. In the back are also some mane 6 ponies that appear to be rather large, so it's possible that we get to see a new size of plush as well in 2017. And of course the plush line can't lack something from the MLP movie, so sea pony plush is something that we'll be seeing too.
My Little Pony Plush DisplayMy Little Pony Plush Display

My Little Pony Plush DisplayMy Little Pony Plush Display

My Little Pony Fluttershy Sea Pony Plush


Nothing. No, really, Funko had plenty of new merch on display at this year's Toy Fair, but no new My Little Pony figures were shown. Last year was already pretty poor on the amount of new MLP figures, but we hope this isn't the end as MLP The Movie will bring us many more characters who would look amazing as a Funko Vinyl figure.


Just like last year, Tech4Kids showed us their line of Fash'ems Stack'ems, but during 2016 we didn't get any reports of people finding them in stores (aside from a listing on TRU UK). Hopefully 2017 will be the year that these will officially be released (or at least widely available).
Compared to last year's line-up we do see some new translucent Stack'ems as well as a new Fash'ems set for My Little Pony The Movie with sea ponies and new outfits.
Tech4Kids My Little Pony The Movie Fash'emsTech4Kids My Little Pony Stack'ems


While Enterplay is busy on preparing new Trading Cards and CCG sets, they did have time to work on a brand new Dog Tags set for the upcoming MLP movie. Not many details have been shared on these, but we can see that they do continue both shaped and original tags in the line, and of course new characters and styles are to be expected.
Enterplay My Little Pony The Movie Dog Tags

K'NEX / Tinkertoy

So far we've only seen renders of the announced My Little Pony Tinkertoy sets by K'NEX, but luckily they had some actual sets on display at the Toy Fair! As you can see the figures themselves are hollow, but do have a decent mold on the outside. Just like the other Tinkertoy pieces these are all interchangeable, so you're free to make your own creations or use other sets to craft the ultimate castle.
K'NEX Tinkertoy My Little Pony Rainbow Dash SetK'NEX Tinkertoy My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Set

K'NEX Tinkertoy My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Set

Other Merch

The big release of 2017 will be My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle, which is best compared to a FurReal Friends figure. The tall Twilight Sparkle can move, blink, move her wings, light up her horn and speak over 90 voice lines. She will be sold for a whopping $129.99, though!
My Little Pony My Magical Princess Twilight SparkleMy Little Pony My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

One new Hasbro brand-combo that we'll see this year is MLP and DohVinci. With the "grown-up" Play-Doh set you can create your own photo frames with a combination of My Little Pony characters and doh. Besides the DohVinci brand Hasbro will also release a new MLP Play-Doh set with which you can create your own dresses for Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. The included figures look more detailed than any Play-Doh figure we've seen before.
My Little Pony Misc. Merch DisplayMy Little Pony Play-Doh Twilight Sparkle & Rarity Fashion Fun

The My Little Pony movie is also a good tie-in for other manufacturers to revive their line of My Little Pony items. Hasbro had some creative stuff on display to confirm this fact, including a Paintfolio, stickers and an awesome sounding book " The Art of My Little Pony The Movie", of which we can't wait to hear more details about.
My Little Pony Misc. Merch DisplayThe Art of My Little Pony The Movie Book

Something that we haven't posted about yet on our blog are the Loyal Subjects retro-style ponies. They're shaped like the G1 ponies, but with articulation and slightly different details. Early this year the first series will be released, but at the Toy Fair various new characters and finishes were shown, like translucent and black ponies.
Loyal Subjects Retro G1 My Little Pony Figures

Other cool stuff we saw were a new board game of Candy Land and a Rubik's Crew puzzle of Pinkie Pie, both by Hasbro Gaming.
My Little Pony Candy Land Board GameRubik's Crew My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Puzzle


Sadly there have also been reports of less-positive developments in the market as various brands have lost their license for My Little Pony in 2017. We're not sure about the motives, but at least Funrise, Aurora and Diamond Select Toys will not be releasing any MLP merch in the coming year. Those who pre-ordered the Diamond Select Toys Trixie, DJ Pon-3 or Time Turnder/Dr. Hooves banks will not get their figure and pre-orders are (or will very soon be) cancelled.
However, a rumor is going around that Aurora and/or Funrise are still producing MLP plush, but under Hasbro's name. As of late 2016 we've seen a sudden announcement of various plush ponies by Hasbro, most of which in a different style. This is however unconfirmed, but we do know for sure that Aurora and Funrise will not release new plush under their own name any time soon.

We'd like to thank the following people for providing the images used in the post: Seibertron.com, Bin's Toy Bin, MyFroggyStuff, and We Are Borg.


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  2. Bottom of the second picture in the Brushables section, there's a series of plushies. That lavender one has got to be Starlight Glimmer, right?

    1. It is, when you zoom in you notice the turquoise parts of her cutie mark.

    2. That's what I thought, but when I zoomed in it was too blurry to tell if that was her cutie mark or part of the mane from the Trixie plush next to her. Thanks!

  3. we have had dashed stackers available for a good few weeks in toys r us in the uk

    1. And I found the stackem fashems in my target


  5. Hi guys! This is amazing, thanks so much for posting! :D We saw lots more stuff at Tech 4 Kids too, including a whole new series of Stackems with new characters, Derpy, Luna & others. They were also showing a new series of Squishy Pops with new characters and flocked manes on some of the ponies. Anyway, you can check out what we saw here: https://youtu.be/HpLWecUPxZY

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    Bet the movie art is gorgeous.
    I look forward to seeing the dog tags (that Starlight keychain is so cute!) I definitely want her blind-bag and EG form (as well as Sunset's EG.) Although, I love the first dozen blind-bag waves way, way, way more than these.
    Also definitely want: Skystar! And maybe Daring-Do, and/or other movie characters. I'll see who I wind up liking most. Tempest Shadow looks cool too...

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