Store Finds: DJ Pon-3 and Two-Pack Brushables
It's been a while since our last store finds post, so we're very sorry if some of the news is a bit on the late side. However, not a lot of news came in so we have quite a short one, focusing on our own store finds and a few from the US. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

The Netherlands - Reboot Series Figures

We start of with a personal find: Most toy stores in The Netherlands (and probably the majority of Europe) now carry Reboot Series figures, ranging from singles, to Runway Fashion sets and two-packs. Not all figures from the complete line are available just yet, but if you didn't visit a toy store in the past few weeks you're certainly in for a surprise!

US - Guardians of Harmony DJ Pon-3

MLP Guardians of Harmony Dj Pon-3
While the Amazon listing is still unavailable a GameStop in Rhode Island already started selling the figure for $24.99. As usual, be aware of stock differences between stores, so not every GameStop might have these available just yet. (Thanks to Dani)

US - More Two-Packs

MLP Two-Pack BrushablesMLP Two-Pack Brushables
Aside from the earlier reported blind bags, Walmart is now also selling brushables in two-packs. Sadly these are not a combination of new and old figures, but they're all from the Explore Equestria line. They're sold for $4.88 per set and are not mix-and-match, so be sure to get the right pack. (Thanks to Steven and prettypinkguardian)
MLP Two-Pack Brushables


  1. Hope I can find Vinyl at one of my Gamestops. Never was able to find Chrysalis when folks were saying they were finding her there.

    1. It looks like the pearlized brushables come with leaflets, I can never remember them having leaflets included before.