Twilight & Spike Friendship Duet Stock Images Released
We finally get to see the Twilight Sparkle & Spike Friendship Duet set in more details with the release of promotional stock images for the set, which is going to be released around the summer.
Twilight Sparkle is going to get translucent wings with glitter, her cutie mark will activate the singing and her mane will be quite curly. Aside from a new design Spike will be pretty simple, as usual.
A single AAA battery is required for the figures to work, Spike probably just containing a NFC-chip to activate the duet.
(And do note the official set name on the box... it's just way too long, and that listed in 4 languages!)

Spike Friendship Duet FigureTwilight Sparkle Friendship Duet Figure


  1. I better hear Rebecca Scoichet coming out of that mouth! And Cathy Weseluck!

    1. It's the same song the robo Twilight plays which was directly taken from the movie.

    2. The singing sounds like them, but Twilight's speaking could have been a bit better...

  2. Only twilight singing spike won't activate the duet waste of money