Exclusive Songbird Serenade Figure Shown at SDCC
While there are no real My Little Pony SDCC exclusives this year, Hasbro was nice enough to do show a scoop at the San Diego Comic Con with this Songbird Serenade figure.
It's not the same figure as the Songbird Serenade brushable we saw a little while ago, as this figure is around the size of a Fashion Style figure and her cutie mark is a button. Judging by the packaging, her character and the fact that she's voiced by Sia, she'll probably sing when you press her cutie mark, as well as light effects in her bow. She comes with a pre-styled mane and also a removable shirt.
Also shown on the box is the fact that she will be a Target exclusive. This might be good news for international fans, as their exclusives usually pop up in other stores around the globe as well.
(Credits to SDCC Unofficial Blog for the photos)

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Exclusive Songbird Serenade Figure Shown at SDCC


  1. Target website doesn't work for my. no access :|

    1. Target is restocking the toys on the 30th. They don't have anything now.

  2. I hope they will make shadow tempest fashion style that would cool to have!

  3. Is that a weiner dog? Oh nvm it's just songbird serenade. In all seriousness, the legs are too small/short for that long as heck body and the head seems like it needs more hair. just sayin.