Storm King & Grubber My Little Pony The Movie Figures
Today was full of gifts from Hasbro with images of new MLP The Movie merch, but the day is not over! We've just received an update from Hasbro showing even more upcoming merch: Captain Celaeno and a Storm King & Grubber set!
The Captain Celaeno figure has a unique mold and stands on both thin legs with additional support from a cape. The figure is fitted with plenty of articulation points and comes with a translucent sword.
Storm King & Grubber are combined one a single plateau and fit more in the line of GoH Fan Series figures. Attached to the figures are strikes of magic/lightning and the Storm King is wielding a big staff. It's clear that this figure is not to be played with and is meant as a display piece.

Captain Calaeno My Little Pony The Movie Figure

As a bonus, here are some higher quality images of Queen Novo, Princess Skystar, Songbird Serenade and Tempest Shadow.
Queen Novo My Little Pony The Movie FigurePrincess Skystar My Little Pony The Movie Figure
Songbird Serenade My Little Pony The Movie FigureTempest Shadow My Little Pony The Movie Figure


  1. I'm lost. so much merchandise. they can make 1 movie pack costed 70-80$ with burshables. single editions together will cost much more in total.

  2. These look so cool. I want them all. :)

  3. Omigoooooosh, I'm so excited about this movie...they all look terrific...I especially like/want Skystar. :33

  4. So want the tempest shadow one

  5. Where to buy the captain ?