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Hasbro is known for combining popular franchises with their line of games, like monopoly and connect 4. But what about their Rubik's Crew line? No problem must have been the thought in Hasbro's gaming division when they came up with this rather bizarre Pinkie Pie figure.
The puzzle itself is a 2x2 Rubik's Cube in the shape of Pinkie Pie's head, including facial details and her mane, and the body is a loose display stand. It won't be the hardest Rubik's Cube to solve, but it's a fun challenge for starters or a neat MLP collectible.
No release date or price information has been given yet, but a similar figure from Transformers is available at around $12 to $15, so expect this to retail at the same level. And as the packaging mentions MLP The Movie we guess this figure will be available before or around the movie opens in theaters.

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  1. I'd love to see a Fluttershy version of this toy!!! 💙💛💚💜💕💓💟💘💝💖💗💞😍