Store Finds: Even More MLP The Movie Merch
Just like our previous store finds post, MLP The Movie merch is getting available in loads of places. Not only in stores, but online too! Check all listings below and don't forget to send in your personal finds for the next post!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Online - Toys"R"Us Updates Listings

It took a little while, but Toys"R"Us has finally put up all MLP The Movie listings on their web shop. It's a bit much to link to, so here's an overview of everything that's available: MLP The Movie merch at Toys"R"Us.
Thanks to Devin, JGC's Toy Box and unicorns_and_pegasus!

UK - New Equestria Girls Minis Sets

MLP Store Finds - Equestria Girls Minis SetsMLP Store Finds - Equestria Girls Minis Sets
Smyths in the UK has put up two new Equestria Girls Minis sets on the shelves: Sunset Shimmer's Rollin' Sushi Truck for £27.99 and the Movie Theather with Juniper Montage for £36.99. The Smyth's website also has some more items listed like the Seaponies and more EqG sets.
Thanks to Chloe!

US - MLP The Movie Seapony Fashion Styles

MLP Store Finds - MLP The Movie Fashion Styles
Over at Target stores you're now able to find this wave of Fashion Style seaponies, featuring Princess Skystar, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy.
Thanks to JGC's Toy Box!

Walmart - Wave 20 Blind Bags + Online Listings

MLP Store Finds - Wave 20 Blind Bags
Not sure how long these have been around, but at Walmart you should now be able to find Wave 20 MLP blind bags on the shelves. And with the amount of MLP The Movie merch going out right now I'd think Wave 21 is coming out very soon as well.
Also happening at Walmart right now is the availability of various MLP The Movie sets online: Canterlot & Seaquestria, Undersea Spa and Princess Skystar.
Thanks to Noah and Devin!

Asia - McDonalds Happy Meal Figures

MLP Store Finds - McDonalds Happy Meal Figures
While various western countries already had this wave of MLP figures in their Happy Meal, the deal between McDonalds and Hasbro is now expanding to Asia with The Philippines and South Korea getting the figures right now. Perhaps more countries in the region will follow too!
Thanks to Ayu and Charlie!

US - Flat Mane 10" Plush

MLP Store Finds - Flat Mane 10 Inch Plush
It's quite unusual, but GameStop has started selling the 10" Hasbro Plush with a flat mane. They're available for $9.99 and the whole mane 6 should be available (although Applejack is not shown in the box above).
Thanks to Samantha!
MLP Store Finds - Flat Mane 10 Inch PlushMLP Store Finds - Flat Mane 10 Inch Plush


  1. Bigger seaponies somehow look wrong to me. I always prefer brushable sized ponies.

    1. Agreed. Probably the glass eyes. When are the Playful Pony size seaponies coming out....

    2. Hope in this August as they start popping up in the stores.

  2. When did Walmart get mlp wave 21 blind bags in
    I have to check my local Walmart for them and I was going to buy a whole case online at Amazon.

  3. Target has the MLP weapon sea ponies brushalbles out, of twilight, AppleJack, and rarity.

  4. I have the 3 style seaponies now. :) I also have the Princess Parade and the new mold and pose of Applejack.