My Little Pony the Movie Singing Songbird Serenade
Ah great, time for some late-night posting again. Target has listed all the MLP The Movie Exclusive Items on their website. Have all the listings + info and images below!

Singing Songbird Serenade

Songbird Serenade is Equestria's singing sensation of the century! Everypony can sing along with this singing pony figure by pressing her colorful cutiemark. Songbird Serenade's famous hair-do is accessorized with a bow that lights up when she sings. Help this famous pony out of her removable jacket and imagine she's resting up for her next big event!
Includes pony figure, removable outfit, and instructions.
My Little Pony the Movie Singing Songbird SerenadeMy Little Pony the Movie Singing Songbird Serenade

Magic of Everypony Collection

Welcome, everypony! Inspired by My Little Pony the Movie, this Magic of Everypony pack of pony figures includes the Mane 6 for a great start to a My Little Pony collection. They're 6-inches tall with their classic look and beautiful manes and tails. Imagine magical adventures with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack figures! 
My Little Pony the Movie Magic of Everypony CollectionMy Little Pony the Movie Magic of Everypony Collection

Magic of Everypony Roundup

Includes pony figure, removable outfit, and instructions.Celebrate the magic of everypony with a movie-inspired assortment of 10 pony figures! Pretend to reenact scenes from My Little Pony the Movie with the included Tempest Shadow figure and the 3 princess pony figures. Imagine the Mane 6 racing against the clock to save the princesses with Tempest Shadow hot on their trail! These 2 inch ponies make it possible to relive the movie story again and again!
My Little Pony the Movie Magic of Everypony Roundup Blind BagsMy Little Pony the Movie Magic of Everypony Roundup Blind Bags


  1. I am a HUGE fan of MLP but that being said, I am truly disappointed with the quality on the ponies for the MLP Magic of Everypony roundup collection. Let’s look at the princesses first: Cadence, Luna, and Celestia. It seems as if the toy makers couldn’t be bothered with using each character’s unique body mold. IF you look closely, each mold is Cadence’s body mold with a different cutie mark…..lame. How about a unique mold for each princess to show their individuality?

    Second: Rainbow Dash: what is up with her mane? Did anyone else notice that ONLY her bangs are colored? The rest of her main is yellow. Did they run out of paint or something? Older versions had her entire head painted in rainbow colors. What gives? Lame. Cheap. But I do love the shape of her eyes. They could have better reflected her personality if they were a bit more slanted. You know that look she gets when she is flying fast or about to do a sonic rainboom.

    Twilight-The shape of her eyes fit her personality but again what is up with the lack of colors. Older versions of her have her crown with a pink star and that thing across her chest should be painted yellow with a pink star in the middle. Personally, I would prefer twilight sparkle with no crown, shoes, or that thing on her chest. Just the wings and those new updated eyes would have been cool. She would look more like the way she does in the show.

    Fluttershy-Like the lighter pink hair, nice cutie mark, but not loving the eye shape. Something more like Rainbow dash’s eye shape would have been better imo.

    Pinkie pie-Would have preferred a pinkie looking forward then to the side so that Gummy could ride on her back. Same mold slightly different pink.

    Rarity-Love that her hair is a darker purple than the older versions where she had that lighter purple swirl. Anyone else notice she is painted backwards? In other versions, she is facing the other direction. Anyway, the extra eye lashes on the bottom of her eye are nice.
    Applejack- I like the freckles but notice the red bands on her mane are not painted red? Again, older versions have it painted. Would it kill them to give the girl a hat since she always wears one on the show! Like her eyes.

    Tempest Shadow- In my opinion the 20$ you spend for this pack is simply to buy her because the rest of the ponies for me were a bit of a letdown. She is nicely painted with a cutie mark on both sides! Unlike the other ponies.

    Conclusion-This pack is worth the 20 bucks if you do not have the main six, the princesses, and if you want the villain. Flipside, this pack is a disappointment if you already have the main six and princesses. Having the mane six and princesses again would have been cool with me IF the ponies would have had some more notable differences from older versions. Like Applejack with a hat etc., Ponies standing in different poses like facing forward, better (not worse) painting on the ponies. Different body molds. You all get the idea.

    1. I absolutely agree of everything your saying here. The Roundup collection is what I've been questioned about since I first saw it. It seems that they're re-releasing the same mold pose since the beginning of time 2011, and they never bothered of making some NEW pony poses at all (well, since FiM collection announced). But I see what your going with this.

    2. I aso agree with both of you I also see where you're going with this too

  2. Ok...I need to do an edit on my first post because the review for fluttershy has been driving me nuts. So initially I said that I didn't like the eye shape of fluttershy but actually I love the eye shape. There was something about her eyes though that was driving me nuts that I couldn't really pin point but I think I have got it. So here goes.....IMO Fluttershy's new lighter pink mane and extra eye lashes added to the bottom of her eye are an upgrade. The shape of her eyes are also show accurate (which I am all about). So what is the problem.....that darn white circle! I wish they would have lowered that while circle so that her aqua eye color went all around. Having that white spot at the top of her eyes makes it look like she is always looking up instead of straight ahead. Besides that I think they did do some nice improvements on Fluttershy. Sorry but I had to say my piece because it took me awhile to pinpoint what exactly about her new eyes that was bugging me.