Glory Fluttershy Magazine Figure Announced in Polish Magazine
While the France My Little Pony magazine is getting a Tempest Shadow figure in October, the Polish magazine is already giving a new figure next month: a (pirate) Glory Fluttershy figure, also from MLP The Movie. It's a bit odd that two magazines hand out announcements for two different months and figures, but perhaps there has been a mistake and both France and Poland do get a Fluttershy figure next month.
In anyway, what do you think of this figure choice? Would you have rather seen an MLP The Movie exclusive figure for both month, or are you excited for this Flutershy?
Thanks to kuco for the info & MiniJusta for translation!


  1. Well the difference is the date.
    5 września is next month, 5th of September.
    And Tempest, according to the picture, will be out 3rd of October.
    So it might actually be that Poland will get both of them, one after another.

    1. Thanks! Updated the post accordingly

  2. love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!