Tempest Shadow and Songbird Serenade Coming to Build-a-Bear
We've had word from a reliable source that Build-a-Bear is going to release both a Tempest Shadow and Songbird Serenade plush on the 31st of August to kick-off their MLP The Movie line. Also included are some of the mane 6 ponies with a slightly updated design and capes with a seapony tail style.
It would actually be a surprise to see a Songbird Serenade figure being released outside of Target, but as this is not a Hasbro-released plush or figure it's probably seen as an exception on the rule.
While there are no images released yet, it's pretty certain that this will be the line-up for Build-a-Bear this fall. Stay tuned for images as we'll be sure to post them as soon as they're out!


  1. Here's hoping that:

    1) The capes with sea-pony style tails work with the older models
    2) That if they update the mane 6, Rainbow Dash doesn't have the same problem where her mane and tail keeps frizzing out

  2. I need Tempest and Songbird!! Not going to get the mane 6 because I have the old models.

  3. eeek love going to buy tempest and serande songbird and a new cape and a seapony that will be my money used up !

  4. Gonna be getting them both on the 31st, will send over pictures again!