Store Finds: Movie Figures, Clothing, Books and Much More!
I don't think we've had so many photos sent in to us in a single week! Again most of the stuff is from the US, but we have had store find news from Australia, the UK and Singapore as well this week.
To nobodies surprise most of the finds were movie-related, but I'm actually glad to see some more random stuff aside from the heaps of Hasbro figures we see every week.
In any way, enjoy the post!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Wave 2 All About Brushables

Let's start with something rather exciting: The wave 2 all about brushables are now available! The set shown above was found at Walmart, but we did receive word that not all Walmart stores are selling the second wave just yet!
(Thanks to Keldeo Raritite)

US - Creative Stuff

Here we have a selection of newly found creative activity sets found across the states. The Necklace Activity set is from Toys"R"Us, the Suncatchers were found at Big Lots and the Activity Journal was seen at Dollar General.
(Thanks to Michelle & Keldeo Raritite)

US - Random Stuff at Walmart

We've received quite a lot of submitted news from Walmart, so that's why we've combined it all here.
Spotted are a plush throw, MLP The Movie poster, Rainbow Dash Onesie, Twilight Sparkle costume, Fashion Styles and Wave 1 All About Brushables.
Note: The poster was also spotted at Five Below!
(Thanks to Kana, articulatedsailor, Steven & winx.glam)

Australia - Movie Figures & Nightgown

I'm not sure if Australia is a bit behind on merch or that we simply didn't get a store find earlier, but this are the first sets that were spotted in stores. This particular photo is from Big W, but we also got word on Toys"R"Us now selling the My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle and Target releasing a children's nightgown.
(Thanks to Maria)

US - A Colorful Quest

Over at Walmart the "adult" coloring book A Colorful Quest is now available, and we have a little sneak-peak on some of the pages here! Expect lots of variation ranging from single characters to a two-pager with basically every character from the movie!
(Thanks to Keldeo Raritite & raccoonus_doodus)

US - Songbird Serenade Plush & More at Target

And not a week goes by without Target releasing something new in their stores. This time we see quite a lot of candy in various boxes, the Rarity Seapony styling head, a smaller necklace activity (like we saw earlier in this post), the official Songbird Serenade plush, shopper bag and a keychain.
(Thanks to prettypinkguardian & Keldeo Raritite)

UK - Figures & Tempest Shadow Book

At Sainsbury's stores in the UK you should not be able to find some new MLP The Movie figures, including the fashion styles, as well as the Tempest Shadow book for only £2.49.
(Thanks to Amy)

US - New MLP The Movie Books

Over at Barnes & Nobles some new movie books have been spotted, including the movie-version of My Busy Book and, judging by the pictures, the figures look pretty good! The Amazing Book of My Little Pony by DK with loads of information about the ponies and the show was also released there.
(Thanks to Mythowolf)

Singapore - Loads of new figures + clothing

 One of the cutest finds of this lot has to be the new Playskool Friends plush! Aside from these adorable plush Singapore has seen some more MLP The Movie figures at Gift Greetings & Toys"R"Us as well as some new pieces of clothing at H&M.
(Thanks to Joelle & Starshine)

US - Massive Amount of Finds at Kohl's

We had to push this find a bit down, because it came with so incredibly many photos! Kohl's has gotten a bit crazy and is now full-on with MLP The Movie, including the make-up from PÜR, but also loads of clothing and the Styling Size re-releases.
(Thanks to Victor)


  1. Sweet!!! Thanks for posting the Kohls Finds

  2. yep, i can deffinantly agree that Australia is very behind on the movie merch, though i was overjoyed though when i finally got to see some movie merch in the store. hopefully i will find and get the luna and pinkie pie set!

    1. oh also i was in the shops today and it looks like my Local Big W has now got MLP Movie themed Christmas stockings!: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&view=btop&ver=1qarjayb7dfsd#attid%253Datt_15eb72c77ec37148_0.1

    2. We're not allowed to see your personal mails. Can you forward it to us?

  3. Still waiting for that Movie Play-a-Song book

    1. I found the play a song book at my local target.

  4. Cool I found some Mlp Movie Pirate PJ's at my Walmart!