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MLP Merch Version 6.0 is here!
We're happy to announce that we've finally released the 6th version of MLP Merch! This version is mainly focused on the database, and below you can find all details on this update.
Important: There's a change in how logins are handled in this version, and while this greatly improves ease of use, you are required to login when you visit the databases the next time. This is only required once, after that you can keep logged in.

Changes to Login & Accounts

We've made the move from handling accounts on the forums to a stand-alone login process like you might have seen on our other websites. Initially using the forums was a great idea to give everyone a single account to access all content, but since we saw a big decrease in forum users it feels like a burden to go to the process.
Since our other sites didn't have forums we had to implement another way to login and manage accounts. This actually works pretty well and is fully embedded in our site, so why not use it on MLP Merch? Sadly this is easier sad than done, as we need to migrate all data to the new login system, so that nobody loses any checklist & wishlist data, but we've solved that!
The only downside: you need to login again once. And if you forgot your password after all this time, then you can reset it without a problem on this page. All you need is the email address you registered with and you have access to your account within a minute!
- No items on your checklist or wishlist will be lost
- You can still login with the same credentials as before
- If you change your password on the forums it will not be synchronized with the databases (or vice versa)

Faster Pages

We've significantly improved the time required to load pages in our databases by "lazy loading" our images. This means that all images that are not directly visible when opening the page are not loaded until you scroll close to it. This means that only a few of the possibly hundreds of images are loaded, improving the load speeds and memory usage for big pages such all "All x"-pages and the checklist/wishlist of some users.

Checklist & Wishlist Icons

Since we've seen in past polls that there are still people unfamiliar with the checklist and wishlist functionality we've added the icons to all screens, even if a person is not logged in. If they're not, a message will pop-up asking them to login or register, all within the same screen.
We hope that this introduces more people to the ability to create lists, and make it easier for people with an account to directly login from the database they're visiting.

Comic Database Homepage

An updated has been added to the Comic Database homepage where we've moved titles to their appropriate category to make certain series and types easier to find.

More to Come Soon

We're also preparing an update for the media database (it's rather outdated) and have also started working on the older gens project again.

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