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Brand New Images of Tempest Shadow Light Up & GoH Figures

Great news for Tempest Shadow fans out there! This week detailed images of new figures of her have been released: The light-up solo version of her, and an awesome Guardians of Harmony statue together with Twilight Sparkle! At this time we're not aware of any prices or release dates for the figures, but seeing stock photos is usually a sign that a release is not too far away.

MLP The Movie Friendship Festival Tempest Shadow Light-Up Figure
The light-up version is in the same line as with the earlier glowing Rarity and Princess Cadance figures, but her horn is much different as seen at Hascon a few weeks back. She will be released under the Friendship Festival line, so only available at Toys"R"Us.
MLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony Twilight Sparkle vs Tempest Shadow
Twilight Sparkle fights Tempest Shadow in the latest Guardians of Harmony Fan Series addition, also teased at Hascon. There will be no articulation in these figures, but instead you get very detailed and action-packed scene between the two characters!
Images were originally posted on the website of this Italian licensing event.
(Thanks to Mario & Eclipsed Flame for the heads-up)

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  1. I love that fan series set. A definite must have for me.