Entertainment Earth Lists New Equestria Girls Minis + Movie Sets
Various new listings popped-up on Entertainment Earth, and among some duplicate sets there is a brand new Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash included! Aside from that this is the first time some of these figures are available for pre-order, so if you want to get these as soon as they're out, now is the chance.
None of the listings include images, but aside from the new Rainbow Dash images were already known.

MLP The Movie Undersea Scene Pack Wave 3

MLP The Movie Undersea Scene Rainbow DashMLP The Movie Undersea Scene Rainbow Dash
We start off with a collection of three known Seapony sets, bundled in the 3th Undersea Scene wave. First we have Pinkie's café, followed by Twilight Sparkles Carriage (which I think is already out), and the new Underwater Sports Rainbow Dash. Compared to the Amazon pre-order you can get this set 2 months earlier, but the Entertainment Earth bundle will come with two Rainbow Dash figures.
Inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie, the undersea scene packs give kids a glimpse into the undersea world of Seaquestria! Each seapony figure is approximately 3-inches tall with a fin and tail to imagine Seaquestria adventures. With the included accessories themed by character, kids can play out stories from the movie or imagine their own. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) Case includes 4 individually packaged packs:
1x MLP Pinkie Pie
1x MLP Twilight Sparkle Carriage Playset
2x MLP Rainbow Dash
MLP The Movie Undersea Scene Pinkie PieMLP The Movie Undersea Scene Pinkie Pie
MLP The Movie Undersea Scene Twilight SparkleMLP The Movie Undersea Scene Twilight Sparkle

Equestria Girls Mini's 2017 Wave 3

Equestria Girls Minis Beach Twilight SparkleEquestria Girls Minis Beach Sunset Shimmer

Nothing new here, but this is the first listings we know of which offers a pre-order for the beach-themed Equestria Girls Minis. As frequently with Entertainment Earth listings you get a full set, so this pre-order will get you all 6 EqG Mini figures with beach clothing.
Mini figures, maxi fun! The My Little Pony Equestria Girls Mini-Figures come with specialized costumes and a stylized look that can't be beat. Ages 5 and up.
Case includes 6 individually packaged mini-figures:
1x MLP EG Beach Applejack
1x MLP EG Beach Pinkie Pie
1x MLP EG Beach Sunset Shimmer
1x MLP EG Beach Fluttershy
1x MLP EG Beach Twilight Sparkle
1x MLP EG Beach Trixie Lulamoon
Equestria Girls Minis Beach ApplejackEquestria Girls Minis Beach Fluttershy
Equestria Girls Minis Beach Pinkie PieEquestria Girls Minis Beach Trixie

Equestria Girls Mini's Scene Packs Wave 4

Equestria Girls Minis Pinkie Pie Sweet Snacks Cafe
And here we finally get to the new Rainbow Dash figure. The set is called "Rainbow Dash Sporty Beach", not to be confused with the earlier mentioned Seapony! No further data is included, but for reference: The above shown Pinkie Pie is also packed in this 4th wave, so expect quite a few accessories.
Join the scene with My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Scene Packs! The pony people are back with their very own furnishings and accessories. Each collectible figure comes boxed with cool creative accessories like pets, costumes, and beds. Figures measure approximately 4 1/2-inches tall. Ages 5 and up. Case includes 2 individually packaged sets:
1x MLP EG Minis Pinkie Pie Sweet Snacks Cafe
1x MLP EG Minis Rainbow Dash Sporty Beach

Thanks to Bryant for the heads-up!


  1. I want the Pinkie Pie thing with the restaurant because I really want the accessories. The beach EG are cool, too.

  2. I like the eq minis but I can't afford to buy them
    I don't have enough room for them 😢

  3. Wish you could get the beach EGs separately; I'd like Sunset, but don't like style enough to get more than one...

    1. But they will be sold separately in stores.

  4. Hmm...no sign of a Rarity beach set in there. Maybe hers will ship with restocks of the Fluttershy set from the Mall collection (the one with the pets)?

  5. Are they going to be available in store's

    1. Depends on the store, but they should be available somewhere, yes.