MLP Merch Poll #153MLP Merch Poll #152 Results
Last week we asked you which of the recently announced brushables is on the top of your favorites list. With almost a perfect 50% of the votes Songbird Serenade won this contest! After a big gap she's followed by the new Fluttershy set and Rarity's Mirror Boutique. The bottom 2 still manged to get 9% and 7% of the votes: Pinkie Pie and Rarity, both with the spinning skirt accessory.

This week there's quite a lot to ask, but since we already did quite some Equestria Girls polls the last few weeks, we picked quite something else: Which of the Clip and Go plush keychains is the most adorable of the bunch? We'll skip Rarity and Spike for now as no high quality images were available.
You can find the current poll below or in the side bar on the right of the website, or towards the bottom of the page if you're using a smartphone.


  1. All are very cute and adorable, I like them!!, but Fluttershy "always" is cute and adorable!!

  2. I voted Rainbow Dash cause that smirk