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2017 MLP Merch Battles - Round 9
Note: Sorry for missing the post of the 8th round for Other Figures! We still saw quite some votes, so there will be a winner for each category.
The MLP Merch Battles are back! In this 2017 edition the ponies battle it out during November and December to find out who is the favorite figure of them all! Every three days a new battle starts from another merch category and it's up to you to pick your favorites.

It's now already time for the final round of the 2017 MLP Merch Battles with the blind bag spin-off line from Hasbro: Friendship is Magic Collection. While the releases are sometimes a bit lacking in stores, the characters included are usually very detailed with unique molds. Got any favorites? Cast your votes now!

Click here to cast your votes >

How do the MLP Merch Battles work?
  • Visit the battles vote page
  • Two random ponies appear, select your favorite of the two
  • After each selection another pair of ponies is shown
  • Continue as long as you'd like
After all battles are finished we'll wrap up the results in a final post and find out which characters and figures are this year's winners!

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