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Last week we asked you whether you think the Cutie Mark Crew figures are the cutest My Little Pony figures to date. Even when taking the Playskool and other figures in mind, almost 38% of you think they are! Another 28% thinks they're cute, but not more than some other figures and 13% wants to see them in person before judging. Only 21% doesn't agree at the moment.

This week we'd like to know what your current opinion is on the recently shared Equestria Girls Friendship Power dolls. This is the second set of reboot dolls, and they have superhero-themed outfits and light-up effects on their tops. Are they already on the top of your wishlist, or are you perhaps waiting for something totally different? Please do let us know in the poll and comments!
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  1. I'm voting for they're OK. I wish they either had more articulation or were cheaper. $19.99 sounds too expensive for dolls with less articulation than the $9.99 dolls.