Store Finds: EqG Minis, Reboot Dolls, Sleepwear & More
It's a been a while since our last store finds post (mainly because of HWCon, NY Toy Fair and our secret project), but still wanted to get the submits of last weeks out! Some info might not be new, so we hope you don't mind too much :)
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Australia - Peter Alexander Sleepwear Line

We start with an amazing new line of clothing, currently available in Australia. Local sleepwear brand Peter Alexander launched this new line with cute and comfy PJ's, slippers and night gowns. Pretty unique detail is the combination of G1 and G4 designs in the same line, although the retro design has the largest variation in products and ponies.
(Thanks to Emerald Joy)

US - New Plush + Snap-On Fashions at HasbroToyShop

Searching for new merch on Hasbro's own website is always a gamble with what you'll find. Right now it shows a combination of new figures and Explore Equestria brushables mixed in. Luckily Victor is always on the look-out and managed to get some new loot from the online store! Shown are new Princess Luna and Princess Celestia plush, small brushable plush and the new Land and Sea Snap-On Fashions figures.
(Thanks to Victor)

Singapore - EqG Minis Beach Series

In the Takashimiya shopping center in Singapore you can now get your hands on the beach line of Equestria Girls minis. All 6 singles are available for SGD$16.90, but where are the larger sets?...
(Thanks to Adrian)

Singapore - Other EqG Minis Sets

 ... Those can be found at BHG store in Singapore, for SGD$39.90 each!
(Thanks to Joelle)

Germany - Upcoming Play-by-Play Plush

This is technically not a store find, but with the current lack of time it was easiest to fit these here! Seen above is a photo from the German toy fair earlier this year, and while we didn't learn much from that event at the time, another website managed to get a photo of the upcoming Play-by-Play line! We already added the Tempest Shadow to our database, but more plush ponies are coming out this year. We assume that these will not be available outside of Europe, hence their exclusive announcement on the German expo.
(Thanks to Ayu)

Germany - New Jigsaw Puzzles

Also spotted in Germany (but certainly not limited to the country) is this new Ravensburger puzzle. Not sure what to think of it, as it has the new logo (so it's new), but the puzzle itself is the cast of the 3rd MLP:FiM season, which aired in 2012 and 2013!
(Thanks to Andrea)

Turkey - Beach Minis + Fashion Styles

While we usually look at Singapore for brand new releases, turkey got a quick one too this time with the Equestria Girls beach minis and the Twilight Sparkle Snap On fashions figure too.
(Thanks to Emirhan)

UK - Equestria Girls Reboot Dolls at Smyths

Last, but certainly not least is the availability of the first line of Equestria Girls reboot dolls at Smyths in the UK. They're £13.99 each and make sure you take a look at the listings, as they're combined with some sweet extra promo images for each doll.
(Thanks to Megan)


  1. The plushies look SO CUTE!! Also the reboot dolls look nice and all but they are WAY too big, especially compared to the original dolls.

  2. We have beach EG minis in Finland as well. Though I haven't been able to find Trixie >.< (And she's the only one I've planned to buy...)