Secret Project Revealed: MLP Merch Goes Physical!
After months of keeping a secret we're finally able to share our big project with you: MLP Merch is going to publish a physical book!
Since the first hints at our secret project we've been working tons of hours on writing our first book, which is all about My Little Pony throughout all the generations. Starting with generation 0, the My Pretty Pony range, all the way to the latest G4 releases and Equestria Girls. This means that the book will contain plenty of older generation ponies, something that is not yet present on our own website!
As you might expect, we're not able to fit every pony ever released into a single book. That's why we've decided to primarily write a book about ponies that are special. Either because they have a unique gimmick, were pretty exclusive at release, or have another story behind them.
Of course the book will be available on Amazon, but if everything goes as planned select retailers in the US and UK will have the book in stock too. Though, the release date will be somewhere in the last few months of this year, so you'd have to keep some patience for it!


  1. This is great news! Looking forward to the release!

  2. April fools? Hope not!

  3. That's so cool! Will definitely buy if I get my hands on it in Ireland

  4. And when are you gonna publish it?At 2020?