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Last week we asked you which characters you would pick from the upcoming McDonald's line if you were only able to pick three. Starlight Glimmer got the most hearts on her side and is definitely the most popular character that will be asked for at the McDonald's counters the coming weeks. Aside from her Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Applejack are pretty popular too. They're followed by Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie. Spike ended up with the lowest amount of votes, but that might not really come as a surprise after we saw the responses on social media regarding is peculiar design!

This week we'd like to ask you a hypothetical question: If in the future (regardless of any of the current rumors) G4 ends and a new generation would start, do you think you'll continue to collect My Little Pony merch?
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  1. I collect every generation, so ofc I plan on collecting them as long as they keep making them!

    I hope Hasbro gets their quality control together when it begins in a couple years. Fed up with these ponies who have frizzy hair right out of the package. :/

  2. When they make new characters.Not the mane 6 over and over again.we fed u with this generation with the mane 6