Store Finds: Cutie Mark Crew, Lots of Equestria Girls & More
With the relatively low amount of new stuff hitting the stores (this week being an exception, though) I'm getting the feeling that one store finds post each fortnight is just right. Hopefully we'll see more exciting large releases soon, though! In the mean time, enjoy more findings of Cutie Mark Crew figures, various Equestria Girls sets and some other stuff.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Rarity's Relaxing Beach Lounge Set & Fluttershy's Pet Spa

After a long wait and lots of eBay listings, it looks like the larger Equestria Girls Minis sets of Rarity and Fluttershy are finally available in stores. Though, you must be quick: These were spotted at Toys"R"Us, so make sure to get them before they're closed. Do note that some (but not all) stores are giving 40-50% liquidation discount on these figures.
(Thanks to Victor & Breyer600)

US - Equestria Girls Minis Beach Singles

More Equestria Girls Minis news in the form the Beach singles that popped up at Fred Meyer. I'm not sure if these were spotted in the US before, but I couldn't find a record of it yet. In the store where the photo was taken only Sunset Shimmer, Trixie and Fluttershy were available.
(Thanks to Nemesis)

Sweden - Cutie Mark Magic Happy Meal Toys

We didn't hear any announcement from Sweden for the 2018 My Little Pony Happy Meal set, but this confirms that the figures are in fact available! Though, if I look closely at the line-up.... where is Twilight!?
(Thanks to Josefin)

US - Chibi/Vinyl Equestria Girls Minis

The release of the chibi/vinyl Equestria Girls Minis figures has been a bit vague, and usually this means that the figures show up in a less-obvious store. This time it's Five Below, who got them $4 each. While that sounds rather cheap, it's quite expansive knowing that they also sell the GoH Fan Series DJ Pon-3 statue for just $1 more.
(Thanks to Victor & Breyer600)

UK - Cutie Mark Crew at Smyths & Tesco

And in the UK you should now able to easily get the Cutie Mark Crew figures, in both blind packs and multi-packs. The single packs are £3 each (Tesco) and the packs with four visible & one hidden figure are £13,99 at Smyths.
(Thanks to Chloe)

US - Glitter Celebration Brushables at Target

And to close this post off we have the second wave of Glitter Celebration brushables with Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle, which you can now pick up at Target for $7.99 each.
(Thanks to Breyer600)


  1. This listing popped up on Entertainment Earth:

  2. I really want those mini eq girls vynil figures at 5 below
    And going on my birthday list is wave 2 glitter celebration princess Luna and twilight sparkle.

  3. We have the larger EG sets (and minis) in Finland as well. Actually we've had them at least for a few weeks, and not just in toy stores, also in department stores and hypermarkets.

  4. Polish McDonald's started selling the Cutie Mark Crew Happy Meals today. Only two toys available at a time (as well as just two transformers toys). For now Twilight and Fluttershy are available.
    Hope they'll be changing them up every week instead of two weeks. Otherwise it'll take two months to collect just eight toys O_o

  5. finally spotted the Cutie Mark Crew at our local asda here in the uk and got the sea pony apple jack :)