Store Finds: New Drink Bottles, Combo Box, Headbands & More
We had a little break, but we're back for another store finds post! This post features news from the US, Taiwan and Mexico. There are no huge releases during this period, but the "fall" releases of the 2018 MLP line might follow soon in countries like Singapore and The Philippines, so stay tuned for that!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - MLP the Movie Drink & Play Surprises

It's been over one and a half year ago that we last reported on the Drink & Play bottles with surprised in the Store Finds post, but they did get an update recently! Frequent submitter Samantha noticed that the label was updated with a My Little Pony the Movie design, and inside are now 20 new MLP figures. A keen eye may spot that this is the same line of figures that was released in Russia and Poland earlier this year, but this is the first report we got from the US.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Taiwan - My Little Pony Combo Box

Over in Taiwan this set is available in stores, which seems to combine two Hasbro products in one specially created box. In this case we see a 12" Fluttershy plush packed with the Runway Fashions Pinkie Pie. While in the past brushables sets were frequently combined (as well as Play-Doh sets), but I personally never saw it happen in a box like this. At this moment it's unsure if there are more combo-releases like this or which variations are available.
(Thanks to Kongari_TOAST and Stinken)

US - MLP Headbands & Braid

At Dollarama you can now find these headbands and braid, released by H.E.R. Accessories. As seen the headbands both feature plush ears, but the Rainbow Dash band is combined with with a forelock, whereas the Princess Cadance headband shows her horn and signature crown.
(Thanks to Knadire)

Mexico - More Recent MLP Items

Lately we're getting more and more store finds from Mexico. While the stores used to be pretty lacking in terms of up-to-date stock it's all catching up pretty good since 2018. Seen here are the recent finds at Tiendos Liverpool and Jugueterias Cepeda. Some might have been spotted before, but some stuff like the Capper & Rarity set might be new on the shelves.
(Thanks to Sakura)

US - Phone Grip & Five Below Deals

And we have two more store finds from the US today. First we have My Little Pony phone grips that are available at Target. These grips feature suction cups, so it easily sticks to the back of your phone and can be used as a handle or a stand.
And to finish the post we have an update from Five Below: The DJ Pon-3 GoH Fan Series statue is now available, as well as the Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie folding playsets from a while ago.
(Thanks to Sorority)


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  2. Popsockets (the phone grips) actually don't have suction cups. They use very, very, very strong adhesive. It's incredibly difficult to take them off of something once you've stuck them on, so if you buy one, make sure you put it exactly where you want it to be on your device, other wise you're gonna have a hell of a time taking it off to place it back on!

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