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Have a Lyra in a Piano just because there aren't any images so far. Anyway Amazon has listed a very interesting book titled: My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Collector's Guide. According to the description this book will contain a overview of all the released Cutie Mark Crew figures + artworks and fun facts. The book will also contain a poster to check off your collection.

But some of you might be thinking: We have two waves, how van you fill a 96-paged book? Well the current release date is  May 14, 2019 which means that Hasbro has plenty of time to release more Series. The book is available for pre-order though as you can pre-order it now for $8.99

Pre-order it here!

Filled with everything there is to know about Hasbro's adorable Cutie Mark Crew, this 96-page collector's guide is filled with fun facts and details that every fan of My Little Pony will want to have handy. Complete with product rollouts and super-cute art, stay up to date with the latest information on everyone's favorite ponies and their unique accessories. Also includes a foldout poster to check off all the collectible ponies.

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