My Little Pony Toys'R'Us Exclusive Birthday Surprise Ponies Set
 So not long ago we blogged about the Toys'R'Us Exclusive Birthday Surprise Party Pack. Personally I thought this would be the only set but then one thing came to mind: How does a party-themed set not include Pinkie Pie? Well it turns out that there is actually another set as a new set has been spotted at Toys'R'Us Canada.

This set is called Birthday Surprise Ponies and comes with Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and a Secret Friend. As you can see in the bottom-right corner the cover for the "special friend" is smaller than the regular brushables. I personally think it's too small for a filly-sized brushable so my guesses are it's Gummy or Angel. Or it's Baby Flurry Heart to go with Princess Cadance. I guess we have to wait for the stock images/official listing to find out.

All of the ponies have ribbons tied into their hair and Pinkie Pie has the spinning-skirt gimmick and is almost identical to her single Spinning Skirt release. (aside from the colors)

Thanks a lot to Kevin for the heads up!
My Little Pony Toys'R'Us Exclusive Birthday Surprise Ponies Set


  1. If I remember correctly the other set’s secret friend is Cadance. So Flurry Heart should be a good possibility for this one.

    1. I'm unwilling to unbox it to find out.