Coming Next Week: Our Biggest Site Update Ever
It's been a bit quiet on MLP Merch lately, and that's not all down to the fact that there isn't much to report on: We're working very hard to get the biggest update of MLP Merch ever ready for release next week!
Followers of our Twitter might have spotted some teasers hinting on the release, and we're now so close to a release that we'd very much like to share with you what's going on. To get the biggest change out in the open: we're adding the classic G1, G2 and G3 ponies to the database! This allows everyone to finally get a complete checklist and wishlist of ponies outside of just G4 ponies and merch.
Aside from this we're also adding a long awaited feature to the database, namely that of adding personal notes to ponies. Through this way you can keep note of how many ponies you own, if there's anything missing from a set or to keep track of where you bought a pony from.
And there's more that will we added next week, so keep an eye out for the release next week!

We hope that you understand our current lack of posts in favor of this update and are looking forward to the release next week. We'll keep you posted!


  1. Will international exclusive G1 ponies be part of it?

  2. So that's way. Thank you for pointing this out immediately.

  3. yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Yes! Omg this is brilliant! Thankyou so much! This would take so much time and effort, but it's so greatly appreciated! <3

  5. I won't use it. The update would need to include each pony's individual accessory checklist that can be compiled into a long-form wishlist that I have the option to make public. This is not there for your current database as it is, so the site is severely lacking for my personal needs. I'd rather use MLPMerch for current ponies/merch and up-and-coming if I am not going to have a comprehensive wishlist to aide in completing my collection.

    This is why I do not have an account here. It's not necessary when I still have to compile my lists myself based on a public database, so there is no need for me to take part in the community like this when I'm doing all the legwork. You are missing out on user engagement, and the site is not being used to its fullest potential. I'm doing it without MLPMerch because this key feature to fill my needs is missing, and I have already done it, so why waste my work?

    The sad truth is, there are other lists out there that beat you to this specific niche, so it's nothing new and not useful to me, personally. I can use MyLittleWiki and Strawberry Reef for everything UP TO G4, and that's where MLPMerch comes in as it's necessary for a current and active site to handle G4 and the upcoming G5. MLPMerch would only fill in my personally need if the update was much more suited for completeting nitty-gritty wishlists, which no other site to date has.

    Thanks for the work you put into it, though.

    1. Hi anonymous, thank you for your feedback. While it's hard to keep everyone happy with a certain update, it's clear that you won't be a fan of it. And that's fine! We've gotten plenty of feedback on our plans and announcements (not only now, but the past 2 years) and this resulted in us continuing the development of these databases.
      I personally don't think that we lack a lot in engaging with the users or collectors, but you must understand that MLP Merch is not our day-time job. This is a hobby that we do outside of work and school, so there's a limit to the hours that we can put into expanding and coding the databases. One of the many requests that we got, is to track more than just ponies. While it's an immense task to get a complete list and photos of accessories compiled, we decided on adding the personal note feature so that people are able to keep track of what ever detail they want.
      I hope this explains the choices for the upcoming database, and hope you keep enjoying our blog and G4 databases in the future.
      - Ossie

    2. I just wanted to mention, @anonymous, that My Little Wiki isn't always 100% accurate when it comes to accessories. Just putting that out there.

    3. @The Snuggle Kinz
      The point of my post is to ask for something different that other sites do not already provide, haphazardly or not.

      How much time you ~can~ dedicate to anything is not even in question. Since it has been brought up, though, it can be a matter of what you are willing to do with that time that you will dedicate to a project.

      To put it bluntly, I left a post in an Arena thread that was asking if a "another one" would be worth it to use. The answer is flat *no*. I use this specific site as a ticker for up-and-coming, not the long-time-passed when there are so many sites out there that have done the same thing. G1-G3 are already very well documented, even if it is in bits and pieces across multiple sites that are old.

      Just to be transparent, if it's an update tailored only to your community, that's great, and good for you for thinking of them first. I only wanted to offer my perspective as a collector on their ongoing search for bits and pieces that would like to have more intuitive online resources.

      Good luck in your endeavors.

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    7. I've just cleaned up the conversation above as we got some unwanted responses and we'd like to prevent things going out of hand.
      Please remember that everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. We do not allow or endorse flaming or any other form of hurtful comments. Thank you.

  6. OMG! I am so excited for this. I use physical notebooks to keep track of all of my pre-G4 ponies, and I've always wished there would be an MLPMerch-like checklist for older ponies and now my wish is coming true. I hope you include variants and international exclusive ponies as well. I CANNOT wait.<3