MLP Merch Launches All Generation Database
After months/years of hard work we can finally present to you: Databases of the older generations of My Little Pony! This year, during the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of My Little Pony, is the perfect moment for this update to the databases and hope you'll enjoy the new (err, old) friends from the MLP universe!
You can now add all generations of ponies to your checklist, wishlist ánd: You now also have the ability to make add personal notes for every pony.

Since our book will be released in about 2 weeks, and will focus on all generations as well, we made the decision to start fully developing the older generations databases so that all would be finished when the book will be released.

Browse all new databases here >

What's New

It's not just new ponies that have been added! Below is an overview of all major updates that you can now find in the MLP Merch databases:
  • Brand new databases for G1 (original, nirvana and retro), G2, G3 and G3.5 ponies
  • Expanded 'Find my Pony' with G1/G2/G3 info
  • Expanded 'Search by Characteristic' with G1 info
  • Ability to save personal notes for every pony (you need to login to use this)
  • New buttons for checklist/wishlist/note (better clickable on mobile)
  • Detail pages for all databases (including insights in how many have/want a pony)
  • Quick overview of eBay availability on the detail page
  • Re-organized the database links with categories for each generation

What's Coming

But sadly we're not yet completely finished. You have the ability to add all the ponies to your list, but some features and collections are not yet complete. Below is a small list of things we hope to fix within 2 weeks:
  • Adding a search for characteristic page for G2, G3 and G3.5 (and adding ID options)
  • Fixing some of the icons who are still from the G4 section
  • Release the G3 Ponyville Databases
  • Adding more images of missing ponies
Some other things that are on the roadmap, but not within 2 weeks:
  • G1 Petites
  • Dream Beauties
  • G1 Other Figures

Want to Help Out? 

As you might be able to see, our database is still lacking some photos. We rely greatly on collectors and fans who want to help grow this database more complete. Do you have photos of any (or multiple) ponies that we're still missing? Or are there mistakes in our data? Don't hesitate to contact us! Your help will be greatly appreciated :)

Big Thanks

We'd like to give a big thanks to the following people who massively helped with image donations for the databases: Ashlyne, Breyer600, StrawberryReef, Spoosh & Silver*dawn.


  1. Congratulations!!, You have really given it all the enthusiasm and are doing a good job!! ^.^

    Just a small, tiny question, type complaint/suggestion, hehe, upsi; Will you still keep your mascot pony icon (well, as siluette still are there) but, as well as her Equestria Girl version?, I like her design! ^.^

  2. Even though I don't collect older generations, it's nice to finally see such big update. I think people who counted on Strawberry Reef may now move here. XD

  3. Congratulations! it's a big step. It makes the page fresher to see such an improvement, more sections to explore, now we can track older generations of ponys yay!
    Just a little suggestion, would you check the "search by character" section? I'm afraid it's broken.

    Finally, thanks a lot for your hard work guys, I apreciate it a lot, and I'm sure a lot of fans think the same way. *Hugs*

    1. Thank you Azrarus! Regarding the search by character, what's going wrong at your end? I've just checked and couldn't see any errors so soon. Though, do note that we did not add older generation ponies just yet

    2. It's an honor to me your answer ^_^
      About the section, when I click there it just don't load on my end, but I think it's my browser or maybe my old operative sistem and I didnt noticed it was as simple as it. I'll try a new version, or another browser to keep using this great site.
      Thanks a lot ^_

  4. OMGGG!!! I'm sooo excited!!!

  5. A minha pony da g4 73591 de 2017