New Princess Fashion Styles Already Available on Amazon
It was just 5 days ago that we posted on the Princess Fashions Styles, that are part of the new line of My Little Pony toys, and today the first available listings were already spotted on Amazon!
And it's not a 3rd party batch: they're being sold by Amazon for $9.99 each! The listings came combined with some higher quality photos too, so you get those for free in today's post :)
In case you didn't see it in the previous video yet: these princess are covered in glitter, but come protected in a new packaging style for the 2019 line of figures (which we still unofficially call Classic Series).

My Little Pony Princess Luna on Amazon

My Little Pony Princess LunaMy Little Pony Princess Luna

My Little Pony Princess Celestia on Amazon

My Little Pony Princess CelestiaMy Little Pony Princess Celestia


  1. Not a fan of them removing the gender-neutral packaging to replace it with... little girls whipping their hair back and forth. It's creepy. Even as a child I wouldn't have wanted this.

  2. Where is the pony's mouth and why is its eyes so huge like an extraterrestrial? It has an insect face not a pony face.