Sunburst Magazine Figure Now Released in Poland
While we did see a few redesigns of earlier ponies in the latest bunch of My Little Pony magazine, but this month Egmont decided to include a new friend to the collection: Sunburst! He comes with his blue cape and has removable glasses. As always, the design of the figure is amazing for something you get for free with a magazine.
The November edition of the magazine is themed after him and contains your usual collection of stories & puzzles. While now released in Poland, the same magazine is released throughout various European countries and in some rare occasions the US too (don't count on it, though). If you don't live in a country that sells these magazines, you could take a look at this eBay listing, that as several available.
Thanks to Paulina for the info and photos!

Sunburst Magazine Figure Now Released in PolandSunburst Magazine Figure Now Released in Poland

Sunburst Magazine Figure Now Released in Poland


  1. Unbelievable that a simple magazine releases more non mane six figures than the Hasbro brushable line. Hasbro must hate money

    1. Highly doubt they're lazy if they can keep coming up with ridiculous ways to re-release the mane six. It would take less work to just release new characters.

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  3. I got him too, he is out this month in Hungary too.
    Still mad at the company for making every second magazine come with some shitty product instead of the mini - we missed Discord because of this.