Store Finds: Cutie Mark Crew Plush, Valentine Stuff & More
We're back with another update on the latest My Little Pony stuff found in stores. This week we cover more Valentine-related items, a new painting kit and the latest EqG & Cutie Mark Crew listings on Amazon.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Online - Equestria Girls Pony & Doll + Cutie Mark Crew Plush

If you're after the latest Equestria Girls and Cutie Mark Crew releases you can now get them from Amazon, as the photos show. Both the Pony & Doll sets (or Through the Mirror) and Cutie Mark Crew clip plush are in-stock.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Valentine Bucket at Walmart

You can get a really good deal at Walmart right now with this Valentine bucket. Aside from the bucket you get a plush and a box of hard candy for just $5. Though, there's not much of a choice in which pony you get, as we only received reports of Rainbow Dash plush.
(Thanks to Samantha, Felipe & Matt)

US - Walmart Clearance Aisle

Also at Walmart is an update of the clearance aisle with My Little Pony stuff. Various brushables from the My Little Pony Movie series are now marked down to $7, $4 or $2.50 each!
(Thanks to Matt)

Sweden - Painting Kit With MLP Magazine

This isn't the first time we see a painting kit with a My Little Pony magazine, but in Sweden they get both Pinkie Pie and Sugar Belle figures to paint. Especially that last character is a bit of an odd choice (but very welcome to get some variety!). And of course you're free to pick the colors that you like (you can 8 colors with the magazine too), so go wild and make your OC!
(Thanks to Josefin)

US - Valentines at Walgreens

And don't forget to stop at your local Walgreens too if you're looking for Valentines. Each box contains 16 Valentines (8 different designs) and you can spend a whole pencil on each card, as you can a whopping total of 16 pencils in each box. Also available is a new sticker sheet with various designs for $0.99.
(Thanks to Victor)

Online - El Pequeño Poni / The Little Pony Book

While this is not something that we typically post, it's technically a book about My Little Pony (sort of). This book is based on the 2018 theater play that tells the story of the 9-year old boy who got bullied for taking his My Little Pony backpack to school. The release of this book is a bit vague, but it seems to have been translated to English as far as we can tell. Salient detail: The cover features a bootleg backpack often found on Asian marketplaces.
(Thanks to Sil)


  1. There is also a different Valentine's set where you get 16 erasers

  2. Got the plush clips a few weeks ago from Entertainment Earth. So adorable!!