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Store Finds: On the Go Purses, 2019 Retro Ponies, Little Twin Stars and More
Now that all the New York Toy Fair news is out, we're back to the regular articles, including the store finds. This time we're writing about releases from the past 4 weeks, so it's possible that some of the items found aren't that new, but we'd like to share them any way!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Shimmering Friends at Fred Meyer

While we did mention the availability of the Shimmering Friends online, we don't recall posting on any store availability since then. We suppose it has been out for a while, but just in case: Fred Meyer has it in stock right now!
(Thanks to Jayme)

US - 2019 G1 Ponies Available at Target

Same goes for the 2019 line of G1 retro ponies, including Earth Ponies and Rainbow Ponies. They were originally announced through the Target website and at least the Earth Ponies have now been confirmed to be available in stores too.
(Thanks to flames_honey)

Poland - Better Look at the Silverstream Magazine Figure

The Silverstream figure that comes with the European MLP magazine has been out for a while, but we did want to share this example of the color changing feature with you! As seen it changes color when below/above 18 degrees centigrade, which is just below room temperature. So by default she's a mixture of pink and white, but when dropped in hot or cold water you can clearly see the differences!
(Thanks to Paulina)

US - On the Go Purses Found at Meijer

In the past few years we've seen various playsets that you can carry around, and for this year that's the On the Go line of purse playsets. At Meijer you can now find the Rarity and Twilight Sparkle (with the new eyes) sets for $15 each.
(Thanks to Random Brony #1)

US - MLP Easter Egg Figures Back at Walmart

We've seen these Easter egg figures before, but they're back now at Walmart! Right before the Easter season, this is the first MLP-themed stuff that we got reports from, though we do expect more soon.
For $3 you can one of three figures and a small bag of jelly beans to enjoy.
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - Stationery, Party Supplies and Make-up

Also at Walmart is a variety of new random stuff, including stationery, tableware, party supplies and some make-up stuff too. There's a bit much to discuss in detail, but you can click to photos for a better look at the items.
(Thanks to Tabia)

Online - Little Twin Stars X My Little Pony Pencil Case

Back in 2018 a collaboration between Hasbro and Sanrio was announced, resulting in various Little Twin Stars X My Little Pony items in 2018. While originally only available in Japan, Rakuten has now listed the pencil case with international availability. And at just over $6 it's not even that expensive, though that excludes the shipping costs.
(Thanks to Ayu)

Colombia - New School Stuff

And finally we conclude this post with an update from Colombia, where bags of several sizes were added to Panamericana and Norma announced two new notebooks that look pretty good!
(Thanks to MLP Forever)

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  1. I can't wait to get some g1 retro ponies at target